He Really Needs to Be Impeached Now

We know the ONLY way Joe Biden could ever be a resident of the White House is by MASSIVE cheating.

We also know he needs to go!


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  1. Biden is a doddering old fool of an old man! He “depends” on them”pampering” his every word and move. Unfit and unstable for office, an utter disgrace!

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  2. The democratic Party controlled House of Representatives will never impeach him. They don’t really want President Harris either. We can only push and yell for him to resign. It would take a ground swell.

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  3. President Trump should be re-instated = was re-elected in a LANDSLIDE VICTORY!

    PEDO Joe LOST 2020 in a LANDSLIDE.

    Pelosi should have ETHICS complaints filed against her for certifying inaccurate ELECTORAL VOTE COUNT to Biden STOLEN from President TRUMP – thru Obama’s Nov 3rd RIGGING schemes.

    Corrupt Secs of State certified Nov 3rd ELECTION results w/o CHAIN of CUSTODY documents requirements.

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