New Patriotic Newsletter Provides Alternatives to America Destructive Businesses

Do you boycott companies or businesses that weaponize politics against traditional American values?

Now there is a newsletter dedicated to “charting a path to a more human way of life” for America.

In each issue of ALIGN, the newsletter alerts you to “themes and narratives shaping the big picture of American life, provide you with great alternatives to brands that don’t share your values, and help you discover new products and services from businesses who share your values.”

ALIGN is from New Founding and they. share important updates, information, and stories celebrating people, organizations, and events that prove there is, in fact, a better and more human way to live.”

Connecting and uniting Americans who know a better way is possible.

“Many large corporations are weaponizing politics against the people of this country. They eagerly censor, punish, and divide, spending money on the political outcomes they favor.”

“These are not the conditions under which a nation can thrive. This anti-American approach leaves many consumers looking elsewhere, but answers can be hard to find.”


“ALIGN offers a guide to Americans who know a better way is possible. Even as the problems facing our country seem profound, we each make choices every day that can make a difference.”

“We can stop buying from hostile corporations, support the businesses that are aligned with our values, and pay close attention to the narratives shaping American life.”

ALIGN arrives weekly in American’s inboxes “with ideas that spur action. We make practical recommendations so consumers do not have to buy from destructive businesses.”

🔹ALIGN promotes businesses that uphold the values of Americans and the values of our country’s founding.

🔹They curate alternatives and feature exceptional businesses aligned with this vision.

🔹They alert readers to the narratives shaping the big picture of American life.

“In an era where corporations and politicians act on increasingly dystopian impulses against the American people, we bring together like-minded Americans to restore the country we love against oppressive and dehumanizing trends. We call this: a more human way of life.”

“New Founding is dedicated to fostering and promoting companies that share the values of Americans. We are forging an alliance to revitalize American civilization. Bringing builders, creators, and concerned citizens together.”


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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.

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