Texas Hospitals Require Over 8,000 Contract Workers to Replace Those Laid Off From COVID Mandates & Surges

Hospitals in Texas are being aided by more than 8,000 contract workers who’ve been tapped by the state to help short-staffed units facing a surge of patients and fill in vacancies caused by hospitals terminating staff choosing not to get experimental COVID-19 jabs.

The extra staff will help hospitals relieve some front-line workers from grueling workloads as well as expand capacity in a state that’s nearing its winter record for hospitalizations.

Some Texas hospitals have been stepping up their recruiting efforts to compensate for their loss of personnel due to mandates to force employees to take the jabs. It’s backfiring.

Originally, 5,600 medical personnel, made up of mostly nurses and respiratory therapists, were going to aid Texas. However, that number was recently bumped up to 8,100, according to Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s office. 

“This operation follows the Governor’s directive on August 9th that DSHS utilize staffing agencies to provide out-of-state medical personnel to Texas health care facilities to mitigate the surge of COVID-19 cases in Texas,” a press release indicated. “The additional deployment of personnel will be fully funded by the state through September 30.”

At the height of the state’s winter surge, nearly 14,000 additional healthcare workers were sent to Texas. 


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  1. I’m sure these “hospital workers” who were dumb enough to get injected are competent and care as much for patients as they do for themselves.


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