Arizona Governor Candidate Kari Lake Stands With Nurses Against Forced COVID Jabs Mandate

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Arizona candidate for governor Kari Lake stood up with 5,000 nurses and employees at a rally against the Banner Healthcare system on July 28th.

Banner is imposing a mandate on all employees to get vaccinated with one of the three experimental Chinese Virus COVID jabs by November 1.

Here is Lake’s stance on the issue:

I think it is extremely wrong for the government, businesses, and schools to mandate this vaccine.

If the vaccine weren’t available and available to everyone, this would be different. But anyone concerned can protect themselves.

Anyone can go out and get the shot today.

They can get it free.

They can get it all over town in every community in the state. You can get it at a drive-up site, grocery store, pharmacies, and medical facilities.

Access to the vaccine is universal in this country.

Lake on the Joe Pags show.

And people have a responsibility to protect themselves — they DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT to impose their choices on others.

I am completely against any mandate — especially one that costs someone an opportunity to further their education or earn a living.

And while I don’t have the authority at this time to stop this — as your Governor, I will absolutely seek to ban vaccine mandates across the board.

I encourage everyone concerned about this medical totalitarianism to contact Governor Ducey’s office IMMEDIATELY — and tell him to put an executive order right away protecting the medical privacy of all Arizonans in every field.

We must also urge him to lift the state of emergency in Arizona. As long as that is in effect, we are at risk of losing our rights, both medical rights and fundamental liberties.

My policy as Governor would be to educate the people of Arizona on any public health risks and then allow them to make the best choices to protect themselves, their families, and their businesses.

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