“Florida Has Your Back,” DeSantis Tells Texas and Arizona On Border Crisis

After the White House stopped the progress on building the border wall implemented by President Donald J. Trump, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced the Lone Star State would continue with the completion.

Texas and Arizona have been calling for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to help deal with the migration crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border to no avail.

The Biden administration has basically ignored the crisis, so Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has announced his state will help Texas and Arizona.

“The Biden Administration ended policies implemented by President Trump that were curbing illegal immigration, securing our border, and keeping Americans safe,” DeSantis told a group of state and local law enforcement agencies today. “Governors Abbott and Ducey recently sent out a call for help to every state in the nation, needing additional law enforcement manpower and other resources to aid with border security.”

“America’s border security crisis impacts every state and every American,” DeSantis said.“I’m proud to announce today that the state of Florida is answering the call. Florida has your back.”

Gov. Abbott announced the news of continuing the building the wall while discussing other border initiatives, including a $1 billion allocation for border security in the state’s legislatures passed and a plan to establish a Governor’s Task Force on Border and Homeland Security with public safety and state government officials.

“It will help all of us to work on ways to stem the flow of unlawful immigration and to stem the flow of illegal contraband,” Abbott said, while seated next to officials from the National Guard, Texas Department of Public Safety, and Texas Division of Emergency Management.

Abbott also announced plans to increase arrests along the border and expand space inside local jails.

“They don’t want to come across the state of Texas anymore because it’s not what they were expecting,” Abbott said to applause. “It’s not the red carpet that the federal administration rolled out to them.”

“If that border was under control, we would have less meth pouring into Florida communities and particularly in the northern part of the state,” DeSantis said.

Florida’s Attorney, General Ashley Moody, said she is “dedicated to ending human trafficking, protecting our children from sexual predators, and fighting the opioid crisis now claiming 21 lives a day in our state, but President Biden is hurting, not helping us achieve these vital public safety goals.”

FL AG Ashley Moody

“The crisis the President created at our southern border makes all of us less safe, and I am proud to stand with Governor DeSantis as he tries to fix the President’s disaster at the border to protect Floridians,” Moody added.


  1. I think we’re missing an opportuniity here. Obviously the States suffering the most are those bordering Mexico and California (although not much isi being said about them). Why not gather up those caught, fly them to the blue states that support Biden and his band of fools and dump them in their laps? The Eastern U.S. and even some in the West don’t seem to care or understand how bad this all really is. They opened the borders and expect us to suffer becuase of their actions. So let them have a taste of the mediicine. Surely there are some rich enough Conservatives with jets that would transport them, dump them and be done with it. Also, I don’t believe for a minute that proof of parenthood has been established on those little ones being turned loose to God only know who or what. Time to fight fire with fire folks…… that’s my take on the matter that’s affecting us.

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    • In the same scheme as Obama, they are already busing and flying them to strategic counties and states to change the make up of local demographics in their favor. More AOCs will come to fruition. Seriously. Ask any regular flyer and they will tell you MANY illegals are on their planes.


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