Facebook Unintentionally Embarasses Current Resident of the White House

Uh Oh! Did they actually think it wouldn’t happen? America is far more smart than what Facebook and the current White House believe.

Within hours of The White House posting a self congratulations about the economy on Facebook, the attempt to pat themselves backfired. Most of the comments are against Joe Biden. Over 16,000 responded with the Laugh Out Loud emoji symbol 😝.

Even with trolls, not even 10,000 people liked or loved it.

“After just five months in office: economic growth is up, unemployment is down, and America is roaring back thanks to President Biden’s economic plan,” the post roared, but then it fizzled out.

The reality was that responses from readers tore into the misleading spin with an avalanche of boos and hisses from angry readers, many who are not followers of White House posts.

How does 27,000 responses compare to a typical Biden White House post? Just 5 hours more time on Facebook, their previous entry garnered only 2,200 comments. Most of them made fun of Biden too.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott received over double that amount with his popular post about the 10th Amendment on June 15.

Before President Donald J. Trump was idiotically censored in January, his posts were receiving legendary status–and Facebook still placed those stupid propaganda tags below them. The last three allowed to be posted had 276,000, 756,000 and 174,000 comments. Over 1.5 million responded to request for everyone to remain peaceful at the US Capitol.


  1. I am still foaming-at-the-mouth furious at Mike Pence. I would like to see him punished with forced viewing of the border activities everywhere —– all the seedy coyotes making their deliveries, parents dragging their children through hell, unaccompanied minors bound for sex trafficking (but that might actually arouse Mike considering his secret fettish), those coming here apparently not in good health, and of course the criminals and if smellovision was possible make Mike get a snoutfull of nasty body odors. Make him look closely at the filthy bandages they remove from puss-filled wounds on their bodies — oh yeah, make Mike touch the dead bodies that wash ashore or are discovered along the dusty trails. In fact, make him pitch a tent at the heaviest-trafficked areas of the border and live there a month or more. I guarantee Mike P would be ready to commit suicide.


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