Doctors Warned to Be Prepared for ‘Large Volumes’ of Cancer Scans After COVID Vaccinations

Just after released new data from the world’s largest coronavirus vaccine testing site in Israel show the Pfizer vaccine mortality rate is “hundreds of times greater in vaccinated young people,” another sobering problem crops up.

One of the many serious side effects of COVID-19 vaccinations has caused concerns among a growing number of people who are getting false positive cancer symptoms.

Research now suggests doctors will need to “prepare to see large volumes” of imaging exams — including chest CTs, PET scans and mammograms — that show swollen lymph nodes, according to similar recommendations in the Journal of the American College of Radiology last week.

“We need to get the word out,” said Dr. Melissa Chen, a radiologist at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Chen recently had to reassure a frightened patient who sought cancer testing because of an enlarged lymph node.

An expert panel from three cancer centers — MD Anderson, New York’s Memorial Sloan Kettering and Boston’s Dana-Farber — published recommendations in the journal Radiology this month on how to handle scans complicated by the vaccine side effect.

Getting a cancer check (including a mammogram) after receiving COVID-19 vaccination could give a false alarm. These episodes have led more doctors to come across these concerns and experts in the know are advising patients to tell their physician about the shot to avoid the problem.

Sometimes lymph nodes, especially in the armpit, swell after the vaccinations. It’s a normal reaction by the immune system but one that might be mistaken for cancer if it shows up on a scan or mammogram

Knowing these are experimental vaccines and the mass vaccination programs are only a test, it’s likely the developers didn’t realize they would affect so many people so severely.

Lymph nodes are part of the immune system where infection-fighting white blood cells gather, spots usually too small to feel. But they can swell during illness and after other types of vaccines.

The nodes most commonly affected are in the armpit and near the collarbone, on the same side as the vaccination, Chen said.

The Food and Drug Administration lists the swelling along with other injection-related reactions commonly reported in studies of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, but as of today not for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine which has been introduced experimentally to the public more recently.

So far,the FDA discovered 16% of participants in the Moderna study reported some underarm swelling after their second dose. But if the lymph nodes are only slightly enlarged, they may show up on a medical scan without people noticing any bumps.

The medical advice, just as with all these public experiments, continues to evolve. If you’ve recently been vaccinated, tell the radiologist before any scan. 

One thought on “Doctors Warned to Be Prepared for ‘Large Volumes’ of Cancer Scans After COVID Vaccinations

  1. Also, if the developers of these experimental injections had used proper caution and taken the time to do long-term studies in humans (as required for FDA approval of any vaccine), they would’ve known the chances of these untoward side effects as well as many others. Oh no – it’s much easier – and more profitable – for them to rush the shot through on an EUA – Emergency Use Authorization – ‘vaccinating’ millions of citizens worldwide and effectively using us as human guinea pigs. WAKE UP PEOPLE!! Again, every age group has a greater than 99% chance of surviving an infection from COVID-19, with the exception of the 85+years age group that has severe pre-existing conditions. Their survival rate drops to 95% which is still much better than the efficacy rate of the ‘vaccines’ themselves!! Here’s the kicker – there is NO evidence the shots even provide immunity to the virus since these messenger RNA shots have never been given to or tested on humans before! Why do you think ‘Dr’ Fauci keeps giving mixed messages re:mask wearing? Theoretically, if any vaccine provides immunity after injection, wearing a mask after vaccination shouldn’t be necessary. What does Fauci recommend? Wearing not one mask but two!! How ridiculous is that?! Don’t allow anyone to shoot something into your arm that they have no clue what effect it will have not only on your immune system but your entire body – in 6 days, weeks, or months from now.

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