Are You Being Embalmed Before You’re Even Dead?

Smart consumers are finally catching on to the fact that just because the FDA or CDC says something is safe, doesn’t mean it really is.  Perhaps they understand that the fox is guarding the henhouse and that these agencies often don’t look out for our best interests, as we would expect that they do.

Diet Soda and Aspartame

Aspartame, a genetically modified ingredient used as an artificial sweetener in diet sodas, converts to formaldehyde in the body and has been linked to migraines, fibromyalgia and even seizures. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen that’s used to embalm corpses. Go ahead and drink diet soda. How many tumors have you experienced that you know about yet?

After doing much research about Aspartame for some articles for Examiner in 2012, I was so frightened by what I learned, that I immediately discontinued consuming ANY ARTIFICIAL sweeteners.

During the original medical trials in the early 1960s, monkeys were developing holes in their brains from consumption of Aspertame.

The most pressing concern comes from the methanol content in aspartame. Now, it is true that methanol is present in other food products, but in those cases, it is bound to pectin, a fiber commonly found in fruits. Generally, these bound pectin/methanol compounds are excreted safely through the normal digestive process.

In aspartame, however, methanol is bound (weakly, at that) to the phenylalanine molecule. One or two processes easily break that bond and create what is known as “free methanol.”

In cases where the aspartame product has been kept in a hot environment over 85 degrees Fahrenheit (like a warehouse or hot truck), the bonds decompose before ever entering the body.

Free methanol then converts to formaldehyde, more commonly known as embalming fluid.

Both methanol and formaldehyde are carcinogens in and of themselves. Formaldehyde has the unfortunate ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, one reason it is so detrimental to the body. Eventually, the formaldehyde can also turn into diketopiperazine, another known carcinogen.

Every animal other than humans converts formaldehyde to formic acid, a harmless substance. Humans don’t have the necessary enzyme for that change, which is one possible reason why animal studies don’t always represent the extent to which methanol impacts the body.

This process in humans is called methyl alcohol syndrome.

Most know that aspartame in diet soda and over 6,000 other products is still approved by the FDA after decades of research and adverse reactions.

One estimate created in 1996 for sufferers of aspartame symptoms calculated approximately 1.9 million recognized toxic reactions between 1982 and 1995. This number is complicated by the fact that many doctors do not recognize aspartame toxicity as a legitimate cause of health problems since it is supposedly a safe product for all people.

As of 1995, the list of reported symptoms submitted to the FDA included headaches, dizziness, mood problems, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea, seizures, memory loss, breathing problems, and various others.

Aspartame is now marketed under new names in order to further mislead consumers. This has occurred even after aspartame poisoning has been implicated in the development of Gulf War syndrome, a number of neurological and physical symptoms of veterans in the U.K. and U.S. Gulf War.

Troops were given large quantities of diet soft drinks that had often been in high-temperature conditions, suggesting they had already broken down into free methanol and formaldehyde compounds before they were consumed.

Still, we are told by agencies designed to protect us that aspartame is safe for people of all ages. The only exception to this is those suffering from the rare disease phenylketonuria, a birth defect that disrupts the body’s ability to process phenylalanine.

6 thoughts on “Are You Being Embalmed Before You’re Even Dead?

  1. I recall story I heard on late night radio years ago

    Donald Rumsfeld was in charge of Ronald Reagan’s transition team. Prior he was head lobbyist for aspartame or nutria sweet industry.

    One of his first moves was to fire the head of fda ( middle of night on election night) and put hold on fda movement to ban aspartame or label it as a carcinogen. Administration put new team in place and I think aspartame or nutria sweet received ‘ generally regarded as safe’ status rather than ban.

    Rumsfeld received a 11 million dollar check.

    Anyone know details and can add or subtract from my recollection from many years ago


    1. Great recollection. He even told Aspertame conference group that as soon as Reagan is elected and he’s in the administration, it would be legal. Soda companies suddenly changed their minds and went for it. Food manufacturing soon followed.This was part of what I wrote about in a series of articles 11 years ago. Also recall that the rate increases in brain cancer correlates with Aspertame sales.


      1. Great book on subject

        Russell Blaylock

        Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills

        I was at conference just after publishing. I think he was keynote speaker

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  2. Your next food topic is the added antioxidants to food ( actually preservatives hidden under the guise of healthy even adding vitamin E ect…). When this is fully disclosed the industrial food paradigm will have to shift.

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  3. Years ago I became aware of the dangers of Aspertame. Those behind the pushing of artificial sweetners and artificial food never had the intention of improving your health it was always about profit and corruption of people’s health. It became nefarious when big pharma colluded with the food industry as it was recognised that consumption of empty calories, lack of nutrition would ultimately lead to poor health outcomes requiring the consumer to visit their GP and then be pumped with a plethora of medications to fix the illnesses created by this poor diet.
    Recommendation to reverse these negative consequences from the consumption of this poisonous attack on your body is cutting out all artificially made products and using probiotics (apple cider vinegar, slippery elm, make your own kombucha, fermented vegetables, sprouted legumes) and grow your own your own to get the gut health back on track. This solution works and is effective, less money than the cost of medications that will require you to be on them for the rest of your life.
    From someone that used to pop out medications for a living but realised the lies behind it all. Who once was going to be a food scientist but then stopped when I investigated all the additives they put in foods and the damage it does to health.

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