Watch This Before You Decide to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine

If I were to consider getting a vaccine for COVID, I would want informed and reliable information. There is a reason why about 50 percent of doctors are not taking it.

Your life could depend on you taking the time to watch this. Are you worth it?

Vaccines Revealed released this must see video that will likely be censored soon. There is a time limit. I urge you to watch it now. Share it too.

“As the hard lockdowns took hold, opioid deaths sky-rocketed, mental health disparities in children increased and unemployment steadily rose. All the while, public health officials arrogantly scoffed at alternatives.”

“Cancer screenings were missed, heart attacks went unattended to and nursing homes became killing fields. Yet the results and hard science in juxtaposition of the ‘official’ narrative, clumsy and harmful as it has been, couldn’t be focused on. Instead of facing the hard questions, it was easier to viciously target and silence those who asked them.”

Please watch and share with everyone.

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  1. When the smoke of deception clears (hopefully) and real scientists can actually and freely speak out, we will find this Covid thing has as much truth as Al Gore’s climate predictions and as much substance as Geraldo Rivera’s, “Capone’s Vault”. Nada.

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