Touching Pay It Forward Moment in Boerne, TX Offers Hope and Goodness

A beautiful moment at the foothills of the Texas Hill Country about 20 minutes from San Antonio offers an example of goodness and inspiration.

Local resident Jack Morgan stopped at a Boerne, Texas gas station and convenience store along IH-10 at Johns Road on Thursday, January 4, 2021 when he noticed the “guy with the pony tail was helping the older black gentleman change his tire on his car with California plates.”

“A tire change at a convenience store parking lot was an unusual place for that to happen,” noted Morgan. “so as I was filling up with gas, I watched.”

“The younger guy finished up and the older guy handed him some amount of money,” Morgan observed. “but the younger guy refused it, with grace.”

“Then the young guy reached in his pocket and gave the other guy some money, which he didn’t want to take. Younger guy insisted, and finally he did.”


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9 thoughts on “Touching Pay It Forward Moment in Boerne, TX Offers Hope and Goodness

    1. Lowlife David Hogg trying to stay relevant is what that is. Too bad he’ll only encourage people to buy more My Pillows. I order mine this past week and I can’t wait until it arrives on my doorstep. I plan to order more my pillows next month. I’m going to do what I can to keep Mike in business! 🙂❤

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