Beginner’s Easy How to Guide for Gab

If you are new and just beginning on Gab, here’s a few easy how-tos to help you become familiar with some of the basics. Welcome aboard. God Bless America and our freedoms.

Let’s begin.

Search for in any web browser, or here:

On the account creation page, enter a unique user name and email account.
The user @name is fixed and cannot be changed. Mine is @jackdennistexas (and I hope you will follow me).
Your password must be at least 8 characters in length.

Note that AOL, Yahoo and often  gmail may block Gab’s verification email or put into spam/trash files.  You may need to use a different email provider that supports free speech.

Logging into

After your gab account is created,
Enter your email address or user @ name associated with your gab account. Enter your current password.

If you’ve forgotten your password or didn’t receive your verification email,  you can reset your password or request an account verification email, by clicking on the link provided.

Ask questions, post interesting content, be mindful of internet ‘etiquette’. 

Avoid using all capital letters in your posts, as that may send a signal that you’re raising your voice.

Let your presence be known to any gab friends.   Ask your friends to get a account and share your gab @ name with them.

Look at the icons on the bottom of the image above. From left to right:

House: Home. Bell: Notifications. Group: Your Groups. Globe: Hot posts. File: News. Your picture: Your profile, lists, shortcuts, preferences, settings…(see below):

Below are screens from the Globe icon (Hot Posts) choices:


On Gab, you can even follow your friend’s followers.  Navigate to a friends home page, click the ‘following / followers’ tab under their banner & find ones that you want to follow.  It’s a good idea to look at the timeline / bio of the other gabber prior to following them.

Find a group that is in your interest area like gardening or books.  Most gabbers love to talk about their interests or hobbies.

Just browse categories to lead you to your interest and possible groups.

Check out the Introduce Yourself group (in the search box) to find other new gabbers who may also need a friend. 

Gab offers a mute / block feature for any content you choose not to see.

Gab User Account Privacy Options

Locking your account in your profile settings will make a universal change to your account.    You may choose to change each post privacy by using the globe icon in each gab post composer box.

Each post composer box has a globe icon to choose the individual post privacy options:  Public, Unlisted or Followers only.

Composing a Gab Post

Open a gab post on your homepage timeline at the top.  Alternately,  by click/tapping on the pencil icon or using the comment option as a reply to another’s post.

Good to know:

– The composer box has a limit of 3,000 characters per post.
– A character count indicator is available on each post composer box.  Located near the ‘publish’, the border will begin to fill in as you type to the maximum of 3,000 characters.

– Editing is an option found in the (ellipsis) 3 dots of each post box or just under a comment/reply.  Click/tap the 3 dots, select “edit” and make your edits.  Next click publish edit.   
– To open a conversation thread on an existing post, click the text, the time stamp or comment, when a number is present.  The number indicates the number of comments in the thread.

Notice the 3 dots on the right of Bill Mitchell’s name. That’s an ellipsis.

Discover / Join Gab Groups

Gab groups are a great way to meet other gabbers in your interest area and increase engagement with your social network on Gab.   A wide range of groups are available to review, join, create gab posts, meet others and enjoy. 

Discover groups:
1) Menu in ‘Groups’: sort groups by featured, timeline, categories, etc. 
      a. Shortcut created on your menu list.
2) Link found in a post – under a gabber’s name
3) Timelines:   Home timeline = people you follow
4) Suggested Featured groups found in your Groups timeline
5) Categories & Tags: links found on a group’s homepage 
        *Categories and Tags are created/ edited by a group’s admin
6) Keyword search
7) Announcement from a gab friend
8) Mobile view

Sample of some recent groups I joined.

Join a group:
Review the group’s description and it’s content.
To post into the group, click /tap the ‘Join Group’ button.  The button will change to green and “Member”. 
You may create a shortcut to your favorite groups by clicking on the star under the group’s banner.   A shortcut will be placed on your Home menu panel.
If you change your mind, click/tap the ‘Member’ button or the star again to reverse your selection.
       *during site construction, you may need a page refresh to update the system.

1 – Groups navigation menu

Moderation and Reporting Features on Gab

Gab is a free speech site that follows the law as defined by the U.S. Supreme Court and the First Amendment #1A.

This means that some speech is illegal and won’t be tolerated on Gab.  Gab takes a firm stance against illegal content.  Violators may be warned, suspended or banned from using Gab’s services, depending on the nature of the violation.

Find the ellipsis (3 dots) in every Gab post or directly under a comment in a comment thread, or on a Gabber’s Profile page under their profile banner.

  • Mute – prevents you from seeing their content
  • Block – mutes the gabber, removes them from following you and prevents them from seeing your content  
  • Report to Gab –  notifies gab moderators

Moderation tools:

Gab believes that gabbers are responsible adults providing mute or block options  for unwanted content moderation of your own feed. 

Some gabbers enjoy the free flow of free speech, others may find free speech to be raw and offensive. 

Each gabber can set their own content preferences with mute / block filters.   The filter provides a method to further refine content that you view by selecting certain words/phrases to filter out.

In the image above, on Notifications, a pop-up tells me I have “1 new notification.” I can click Mentions, Likes, Reposts and others to filter information per my choice.

If I click “Likes,” here is the screen:

It gives me information of their user name and user address, a picture and if they follow me. If I want to follow or unfollow them, I simply click the appropriate button.

Gab merchandise is available.
Sample post. (I have 38 notifications)


  1. It’s great that there are conservatives alternatives to Big Tech and I’m wondering if there are more conservative alternatives to movie production companies, screenwriting, and book publishers both traditional and independent. I’d love to see a list of these alternatives. Thank you for all you do Texans Jack and Dodie!


  2. Hi there
    Compared to Parler, I find that there are too many re-posts on Gab.
    Is there any way I can watch my wall, and select a view option (from time to time) that excludes the re-posts?
    Thanks brother.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey Jack, Nice website. I have a question. If you don’t have Gab Pro is there a limit on how many you can follow ? If you know thanks for answering.


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