Why Patriotic Americans Boycott These 3 Companies

Many low information consumers (usually those who do what Hollywood, Mainstream Media or university professors tell them to believe) unknowingly purchase from these three companies without realizing they are supporting socialist and progressive liberal causes.

Progressive Insurance 

Peter Lewis is the Chairman of Progressive Insurance Companies. Outside of George Soros, he may be the biggest liberal sugar daddy on the block.

This former close friend of Ted Kennedy has poured tens of millions of dollars into the ACLU, America Coming Together, and MoveOn, among other liberal causes.

So, why not get your auto insurance from a company that isn’t working to destroy the American way of life?


Do you really need overpriced coffee from a corporation that supports Black Lives Matter, defunding police and detests traditional marriage?

Not only is Starbucks pro-gay marriage, but when a shareholder complained that boycotts over gay marriage were costing the company money, their CEO Howard Schultz told him he could go “sell your shares in Starbucks and buy shares in another company.”

If you’re a Christian or just someone who believes in traditional marriage, the CEO of Starbucks is publicly saying he doesn’t want your business. Can’t you find your coffee somewhere else where you aren’t forced to swallow Starbucks’ disdain for you along with your Java?


Don’t even get me started. I cringe when a friend says they belong to AARP. Every single one that learns the truth, cancels their membership to join AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens).

AARP is not your parents or grandparents association anymore.

Despite the fact that their membership opposed Obamacare because it would destroy our healthcare system, the AARP supported that abomination because they make a killing marketing insurance under the bill.

It’s also doing more than any other organization to block entitlement reform, which is making it practically impossible to keep America from sliding into bankruptcy.

On top of all that, AARP is a left-wing organization that has backed gun control and Planned Parenthood while fighting against a Balanced Budget Amendment. You might as well just give your money directly to the Democrat Party as to the AARP.


We advocate AMAC so much we offer this information for mature CLEVERJOURNEYS readers.

“The Association of Mature American Citizens represents Americans 50 plus.  AMAC is centered on American values, freedom of the individual, free speech, and exercise of religion, equality of opportunity, sanctity of life, rule of law, and love of family, with benefits at all levels.  AMAC plays a vital role in helping build the services that will enrich the lives of America’s seniors. AMAC Action, a 501 (C)(4) advocates for issues important to AMAC’s membership on Capitol Hill and locally through  grassroots activism.”

Click Here to Find Out More About the Association of Mature American Citizens


  1. I left Progressive many years ago due to unwarranted price increases.
    Quit AARP and switched to AMAC and am quiet happy with them.
    Never spent a cent in overpriced Starbucks.

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  2. Thank you for the information….”we the people” need a list of companies to boycott so we are not lining the pockets of the opposition. Please provide this to us so we can unite and do our part.

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    • Companies to boycott is correct. Also need to pay attention on manufacturing countries.

      What would be nice and would solve the problem in a hurry is if we could get legislation to pass for more transparency on manufacturing country. We need this front and center on all Internet purchases. Our buying patterns have changed and country of origin is hidden. on Amazon it’s very difficult to get the Country of origin information or very inconvenient. It should be highlighted in the opening page of any and all products sold online.

      If people can quickly and easily have the information we can assist solving the problem. It’s easy to see a Nike product. Their sales have tumbled. It’s easy to see pro sports team their sales have tumbled.

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  3. Actually Amazon should be the very first company everybody has resolved to totally abstain. This would take much discipline but we should have that resolve.

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  4. Does anybody know has anybody started a online marketplace for only made in America products

    Can you imagine the success of this market place. It would be immediate and overnight

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  5. Off topic

    Are there more reports from additional states said the National Guard to the capital

    Have someone in Illinois told told me 500 just left Illinois

    Then this today

    I assume these national guard at the capital or federalized

    Does this not happen only during war?

    Borders are open infrastructure is not protected. So who are they fighting?

    Have we ever seen a build up like this around the capital throughout our entire history including much history during many events of unrest?

    There are no leaks or rumors. If the legislative branch or Executive branch were involved there would be leaks all over the place. If the alphabet government was involved there would be leaks all over the place. Who does this leave? This Hass to be strictly a military operation.

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