Texas GOP Chairman: ‘Cool Heads Always Prevail”

In his 22 years of active duty service in the US Army, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas said he “learned many lessons in leadership” and is happy to share them “as they are enshrined on the 3×5 cards I carry.”

“Having served in combat, my first combat tour was 30 years ago in Operation Desert Shield/Storm,” said retired Lieutenant Colonel Allen West in a letter to Texas. “It became very apparent that when bullets begin to fly, it is the resilient, resolved, and focused commander that inspires victory. I have always stated, ‘no one follows a Frantic Fannie into combat.’”

Allen West

“At this tumultuous time in our American history, I must reiterate this leadership maxim: ‘Cool Heads Always Prevail.’”

“This past week, after the disturbing events of Wednesday, my cell phone blew up, and it continued through the weekend. The prevailing question was, ‘Colonel, what do we do now?””

“As I drove home after our Republican Party of Texas Legislative Priorities Rally on Saturday in Austin, I had to make that ‘pause for the cause’ in Hillsboro. I decided to fill up the gas tank at the 7-Eleven there off I-35, and a young black man from Arlington, who was at the rally, came up to me. He asked, ‘Sir, can we stop the communist takeover of America?’ I looked at him resolutely and told him that we sure can, and that was why we were at the Capitol building rallying.”

“Having been in combat, I know the prudence of being calculating — yet swift to act — when engaging your adversary. I would recommend y’all read about the battles of Alexander the Great. I have had folks ask me when will President Trump enact the Insurrection Act and deploy the military? To that I respond: I pray he does not. Now, to the anxious, angry, frustrated, and upset, that is not the answer they desire.”

West wrote that the Army taught him the five forms of maneuver against the enemy:

1. Infiltration

2. Penetration

3. Turning movement

4. Envelopment

5. Frontal assault.

“Thirty years ago, our forces in Kuwait and Iraq conducted what is probably the largest envelopment operation in military history since Hannibal’s successful double envelopment of the Roman legions at the Battle of Cannae.”

“The problem with Republicans is that we often choose the worst form of maneuver, the frontal assault. Just study Pickett’s charge on the third day of the Battle of Gettysburg.”


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