Texas Community Residents Near Hill Country Report UFO and ‘Being’ Encounters

Until recently, I lived almost ten years in a wonderful community just northwest of San Antonio, Texas.

Residents of, and near, Fair Oaks Ranch, a small town on the cusp of the sprawling Texas Hill Country, (southeast of charming Boerne where I raised my four children in the 1990s and 2000s), have reported seeing some strange sightings recently.

In 2020, partly because of a pandemic furlough and mostly due to some health issues, I’ve been away from my retirement job as an ace marshal at the golf courses there.

Fair Oaks Ranch Golf & Country Club is the heart of the city, with two golf courses, tennis courts, pools, and additional event space. I’m proud to be a part of The Club as it is one of Texas’ premier family-oriented country clubs.

Known for its impeccable and personalized service, warm and friendly staff (yours truly was Employee of the Year 2019), full-service facilities and amenities, what I love about it most is its active and vibrant membership community. 

The time off has afforded opportunity to heal and hone my calling to write more. Dodie and I moved further northwest between Bandera, the Cowboy Capital of the World and Kerrville, another Hill Country haven. We’ve simplified our lives during our first year of marriage and founded CleverJourneys. By the start of 2021, we should reach more than 300,000 readers.

Fair Oaks Ranch borders Camp Stanley’s north edge.

Fair Oaks Ranch has an intelligent, wise and experienced population. There is a wealth of information, rich with reliable sources from retired military officers, business owners, ranchers, civil service, pilots, doctors, lawyers and corporate executives. For investigative reporting, it continues to be a hub of knowledge and focus for me.

In Washington DC, on some business for a previous employer in late 1990s, I was actually able to take advantage of an opportunity to meet General Norman Schwarzkoph, who had recently retired as commander of Operation Desert Storm in Iraq.

In 2013, the 1956 Class of West Point played golf at Fair Oaks Ranch as part of their annual reunion.

Unfortunately, Gen. Schwarzkoph, a fellow alumnus, passed away the previous year, but I was able to meet some remarkable veterans with amazing stories and exceptional connections.

Which brings me to the strange sightings recently witnessed by at least five residents. Perhaps, because of my writing or investigation background, they contacted me offering “news” about their sightings and two claimed encounters.

The serendipitous and coincidental part of this story is that I received information from five individuals, with three of the interviews totally independent of each other.

There is also a sixth person, who has witnessed some of these sightings. Because of the nature of his job, the sixth person desires to remain very anonymous regarding what he saw on at least two occasions.

Although these witnesses are real, the names are made up to protect their identities. (Of course, they are more than welcome to self identify in the comment section below).

Sighting 1

“On or about Tuesday May 12, 2020 was the first time I saw it,” a resident, Bob Jones, who lives near the Live Oak Course in the vicinity of holes #11, 12, 17 and 18 said. “I was taking my dog for an evening walk and stopped to talk to a neighbor. By the time we finished our conversation, it was late. I decided to stay on the cart path so I could see my way back with the backyard lights of the houses rather than risk stumbling in the dark trying to take a shortcut across the course to get home.”

“There was a slight breeze coming out of the east. I remember thinking when I played golf earlier that day, it had been blowing from the south. We were at the end of (hole) #15 and I stopped to use the restroom there. As I walked out facing #12 and #18, that was when I actually first spotted it.”

“It was dark but the moon was over half full. It was behind a cloud but it helped me see a little.”

“From my left, or southwest, going across the sky to the northeast, was this thing. The only way I know how to describe it is that it reminded me of a smoke ring–as if someone with a cigarette had blown a smoke ring out of their mouth. But it was several rings inside each other, perfectly set, and traveling above, yet below the cloud it was approaching. The cloud that the moon was behind.”

Sightings were near red locations.

“I tried to tell myself, it was a balloon figure, but it wasn’t. It was traveling against the wind and a balloon would travel with it. Hell, I could tell it wasn’t a balloon, but it definitely wasn’t a plane, a satellite or drone either.”

“From beginning to end, the moment I saw it, to the time it passed between me and the cloud–it was high, but definitely under the cloud–until it was out of my sight was no more than three minutes.”

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” he continued. “I would not call it a flying saucer or an aircraft, but it was certainly and unidentified flying object.”

Phone camera picture.

“Two days later I saw it again, but it was later after the 10 pm news but during a commercial before the weather came on. I took the dog outside so he could (relieve itself) and saw that damn thing again. It was north of me toward the direction of the Clubhouse, but it was staying still.”

“This time I yelled at my wife and when she came to the door, I pointed up. When she saw it, she came out there with me and saw the same thing I did. She said it looked exactly as I had described it Tuesday.”

“We watched it kind of stay right there for maybe half a minute or so. I wouldn’t call it hovering, because it was perfectly still and I could make out the features better. It was kind of a lighter cloudy color, light grayish. Very still. Kind of creepy and a sense of disbelief. But it was there. We both saw it.”

“Without a warning or even a hint of sound or motion, it whooshed off so fast, almost like a shooting star but very high and far enough we couldn’t see it anymore.”

“…it whooshed off…”

“We checked the news and internet to see if anyone had reported or seen it too, but heard nothing. We never saw it again until December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day. It was higher up and going west with increasing altitude.”

“It was somewhat cloudy and cool with gentle winds coming out of the north-north-west. Again, we heard no sounds. We’ve been looking up more often, even in the day, wondering if we would see it again.”

Sighting 2

“It was a Thursday because I walked outside to take the trash out to the street,” said John Smith. “It would be hard to miss. It was high up and north. I had my camera, or my cell phone and took some pictures. I couldn’t believe what this thing was. I’m glad I have the pictures because who would believe this? I know it was a Thursday, because it was about 10:30 at night and it was the day before a (leaving blank to help hide individual’s identity).”

Smith photo 1. Notice circles or rings inside.

“I knew it wasn’t Venus because it was too big and way too north,” he explained. “It was still for a while and then It started shifting in angles. Not the thing itself, but the direction. The directions were at different degrees and made little sense. Was it calibrating or surveying? Was it doing some kind of recon or what? This was all going through my mind.”

Note: This Thursday coincides with the same day ofthe Sighting #1man, “Bob Jones,”saw the object the second time with his wife.

“This doesn’t look like anything that appears to be a UFO in the classic sense–the way we would see it in books, on the internet, in a movie or on TV. It is spherical and it’s layers of rings are turning within it.”

Smith’s phone photo #2 enlarged.

“It looked like some kind of portal. Like something to do with quantum physics, a wormhole to another dimension or time. It wasn’t a spaceship…or maybe it was. It was like looking down at a hurricane from up above. Only I was below and south of it, looking up. But in this hurricane-portal looking thing, there was no “eye” and there was no storm. The lighter colored rings in this circle kept turning or swirling.” 

Sighting #3

This sighting was a combination of two men seeing objects and a husband and wife (a different couple than the pair in Sighting #1) possibly seeing something similar at the same time.

John Smith was riding in his golf cart near his home on the Live Oak Course when he noticed a neighbor looking up in the sky from a second story deck in his back yard.

“Now Jack, what I’m about to tell you is true. We saw it. You know us and you know our backgrounds. But when you hear it, just know that we were not drinking or out drunk. I was as sober as I am now.”

(John Smith and I were at a coffee shop in Boerne, Texaswhen he told me this story and provided photographs. He was sober).

He said he was up there looking for UFO’s. Of course, this peaked my interest. It was about 9 at night. We exchanged stories and I was relieved about two things.”

“Number one, this is a high level reasonable man. You know his background…”

“Number two, I was not alone. Someone else had seen it. This was verification and relief.”

Smith photo #3.

The two men talked for sometime, comparing notes when they noticed foreign objects–not planes, crossing the sky.

“They were erratic. No reason or clear pathways. It was dull lights going one way and then going the next way. He video taped it but it’s not that good of footage.”

“They moved very erratically and descended closer to us. We weren’t afraid, just about as curious as we could be. We could both see these lights in a circular pattern around the circumference of the crafts and especially the one that descended on the other side, closer to above, maybe Dietz-Elkhorn (a street west of their location near #11, #12, #16, and #17 Live Oak Course holes).”

“It looked like they all seemed to descending closer in unison heading toward Camp Stanley. (Name hidden) was recording this on his phone and we both saw what looked like some kind of orb pass right through our eyeline as we watched these crafts.”

“It was very strange that they would be this close to where anyone could see them. But I was just standing there just outside his back fence with my hand on the corner post when we first saw them. I guess I was so mesmerized, my hand was still on the post when it was over. Well, at least I thought it was over.”

“It was getting close to 11 (pm) and we talked more about it, then I turned around to go get on my cart towards the path.”

“There was this being, not a human as we recognized it, walking right to left and then shifting to its right, away from us. It must have been eight feet tall and was carrying something–like a book, tablet, instrument of some kind–in front of it like it was studying or inspecting it for who knows what.”

“On its head there was a helmet type thing that I couldn’t tell if it was made of any metal or cloth, but the material was shaped like a bonnet…like ladies used to wear way back when. It had some kind of a big belt and the clothing draped all the way to its feet or boots maybe. It wasn’t moving fast.”

Smith’s sketch of encounter.

“There is no way we could not have noticed it or it could have not noticed us, but there were no gestures, acknowledgment. It was so tall and as it walked away down the path toward the street a large flash, like an encompassing negative–everything black or dark turned to white or light. Everything light turned to dark. It was quick, but permeated everything around it for at least 50 feet from both sides and around it.”

“We still don’t know what to think about it, but it wasn’t just a coincidence that we saw those things flying around and saw this giant thing walking in right in front of us. Each one by itself was crazy enough, but both is something we can’t explain.”

Sighting #4

“We were watching TV and were talking about how the Boy Scouts were being banned from placing flags on veterans graves this year because of pandemic restrictions,” explained Tammy Morris, who lives on #12 Live Oak.

“Roy (her husband) saw something out our large back window and asked, ‘What is that?’ It was this tall man or woman or kid on stilts dressed in some kind of costume was my first thought.”

Morris quick drawing on envelope.

“There was this outburst of reflections and glare. Like a burst of something. It wasn’t fireworks or lightning, but that’s the best way to describe it. We are about 70 or 80 yards away, but we could see this tall thing walking up by the hole–or between the green and the side street. That’s when this burst of energy happened and that thing was gone.”

Roy Morris, the husband, thought at first it was some prank.

“When you see it, you just wonder what is going on. It’s night, but we could see it from here. We were talking about Boy Scouts so my mind went to maybe it was some boys playing a trick or up to some mischief. But that flash and disappearance of that tall thing was too odd.”

Red Mark is encounter spot.
Encounter and sightings area.

“You know, there’s quite a few stories around here about Camp Stanley. It’s known as Depot West for the CIA and an armory for the military. Some say there are secret experiments with futuristic and advanced technologies. When you think about Camp Bullis being next door and Fort Sam (Houston), Randolph (Air Force Base), Lackland (AFB), there’s an impressive amount of military presence here.”

“We talked about there’s the Southwest Research Center here (in San Antonio) and there is no telling what advanced science they are working with for NASA or the military.”

“When you think about it, it’s difficult to think of anything rational to express in words or clarify what we saw. We are located about halfway between Boca Chica where Elon Musk has his space center on the lower tip of Texas coast, and the Corn Ranch near Van Horn way out in West Texas for Jeff Bezos satellite and rocket launches. We’ve done our homework, but nothing really adds up. Your mind looks for intelligible answers, but so far there are none.” 

If you have any information, including witnessing anything similar or out of the ordinary, please leave a comment. Click “NOTIFY ME… and leave your email if you would like updates from CleverJourneys. Thank you for your readership.

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  1. I’ve read your blog meticulously for months but when we started talking about the flying saucers and an 8 foot tall tablet-toting alien, you lost me.


    • Sorry to lose you. The community of Fair Oaks Ranch are decent, intelligent and friendly folks. When they reached out to me, I kindly responded. I attempted to explain this and used the witnesses own words. When that many different people separately offered information on their own accord, I felt obligated to blog it. I hate to see you go. Best of luck to you.


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