Just Say The Word President Trump and Millions of Patriots Will Move Into Action

An Open Letter to Our President

Dear President Donald J. Trump,

For millions of patriotic Americans, the decision of the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s lawsuit being rejected by the Supreme Court Friday was more than a slap in the face.

It was the last blow.

These citizens have watched as 2020 confirmed everything they have known about the progressive left far too long. Decent, hardworking and patriotic Americans have been taken advantage of.

They are not going to take it any more from Democrats, Republicans, Deep State operatives, George Soros, foreign countries such as China, or the extremely compromised media establishments (news and social).

The cheating, lying, and corruption has maxed out. Enough is enough. The jig is up.

In 2020, we showed up in historical highs–by the tens of thousands–to President Donald Trump’s rallys while Joe Biden’s operatives planned their election steal as he hid in a basement.

In November, we voted legally and according to law in record numbers. More evidence (a word mainsjtream media seems to have lost the meaning of) continues to surface that Trump’s landslide could have been from over 80 million honest votes.

We learned the Swamp illegally stole millions of our votes with the help of China and Soros. There is far more solid proof than any false nonsense that was cooked up for Spygate, the Russian Hoax, the Kavanaugh Confirmation, and the Witchhunt Impeachment we endured. And this was prior to the summer of the China Virus, not to mention the Antifa/BLM destruction, forcing our families into nursing homes to die, and controlling our movements.

The media and D.C. swamp may have worn many of us down, but they have underestimated us as least as much as the Japanese did at Pearl Harbor.

The “Sleeping Giant,” Silent Majority is awake.

The media institutions of Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS,  New York Times, Washington Post, Time Magazine and others are now as  irrelevant as Joe Biden is to Trojan Horse Kamala Harris.

Social media giants, currently protect the deception and corruption. We are not the vulnerable fools they make us out to be and this is their biggest mistake.

Already, we are finding ways to render them unnecessary and unimportant. We are creating alternatives and ways to replace them.

Many conservatives, in general and by nature, tend to be polite, quiet and abide by the rules…but only if they are fair and just.

No more will we told we can’t worship God while criminals are allowed to destroy our businesses.

While the Marxist plans were implemented, patriots focused on our values, talked it out over and over again, sought second, third, fourth and fifth opinions. We’ve slept on it.

Politicians, judges, election officials, reporters and editors had their chance to do what is morally and legally right. Patriotic America is not stuck sitting on the fence or the sidelines anymore.

We are now trusting our gut…and our faith.

China and the George Soros anti-American operatives who share their visions will be stopped.  Just as Americans did with the Japanese in the Pacific and Nazis in Europe, we will finish the fight they have forced upon us.

We will not take no for an answer from Supreme Court justices who bury their heads in the sand.

We are not listening to politicians from either party who have made their fortunes from China deals, Big Tech-Big Pharma money or any other nefarious influencers.

Patriotic Americans are waiting on the word from President Trump. Whether he wants to continue with the lawsuits and courts, we will support him.

If Trump decides to put Executive Order #13848 into play, we will back him up.

When conditions are such that the National Guard or Special Forces are called in to enforce the Constitution, by the millions, we will be there to defend our freedoms and values if required.

We didn’t asked to be cheated and controlled away from our rights and livelihoods, but we will damn sure protect them. 

In conclusion, we’ve heard President Trump many times say “God Bless America” and “In God We Trust.”

With this in the forefront of our minds and in our hearts, no matter which translation is used, we refer to our Bibles and specifically:

James 4:17

18 thoughts on “Just Say The Word President Trump and Millions of Patriots Will Move Into Action

  1. I’ve been predicting this for a while. I would rather Mr Biden be inaugurated than to see the US Armed Forces brought in to settle who the next President will be. However, should President Trump call out the people, I believe that is our duty to go. I do not want this because it will be horrible. I do not know how the members of the Armed Forces will react if we do. I do not know which orders will be issued, nor how the subordinate commanders and soldiers will respond. I know that the chaos will be incredible.
    I am so very tired of being walked over by politicians of all genre. If this is the time, then it would behoove 95% of all politicians to head for the hills. Some people will be looking for ropes and lamp posts. Some of us will be violent, some of us will try to prevent the violence. We will clash with ourselves. It will require awesome leadership to conduct operations that will lead to an acceptable outcome. Without that leadership, it will just be rabbles in arms fighting against each other, with escalating obscenities and atrocities ending in a wasteland.
    I am a soldier by heart, though I may be too old, fat, and slow to go sniping or clashing on the front lines. But I am a trainer. And if a final surge is needed, then the words of the country song come to mind. I ain’t as good as I once was, but I’m as good once as I ever was.

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    1. So-called popular revolutions are led (more pushed from behind) by people who we definitely do not want to rule over us.
      Successful revolutions are led by militaries and portions of militaries. The American Revolution was a secession of colonial governments from the mother government in England. It was nothing like a mass uprising of the entire population.
      Mountain people largely stayed in the mountains. City people, especially those within range of the cannon of the Royal Navy, mainly avoided being drawn into the conflict.

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  2. He holds many patrons in the computer science field and inventor of QR scanning technologies.

    “Technology Expert Can Determine If Ballots are Legitimate or Fake in Seconds”

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  3. The leftist in Washington, and in our citizenry have no idea what is about to happen. I’m not predicting another American Revolution, but it may be darn close. As a lot of you here, I am old, slow, and loose my balance a lot. But, I am armed and willing to take to the streets or whatever serves as a battlefield, and take back our country. Insurgency swings both ways in this Republic. The sniveling cowards and titty-babies don’t get to slap and run anymore. Biden and Harris are a national disgrace and a threat to our democracy and our freedoms. There, I feel much better now.

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  4. Im ready to leave home and family and everything i have worked years for. I we dont fight now and fight willing to die!! Then we have nothing to live for!! William Wallace said ” What will you do without freedom?” Make no mistake they want our guns first…. Then they come for our lives and our freedoms. If your an outspoken patriot then your already on a list (thanks to evil Bush jr and his freedom act) and they have already started this war. THE STOLE AN ELECTION IN OUR FACE! thats an act of war… I hate this truth but its time to fight. They wont respect anything less.
    Im ready… Say when!


  5. Mr. President – First thank you. second, every court has let us down. This in itself is unconstitutional as we all deserve to be heard. BUT the SCOTUS refusing to hear the evidence and then rule is the last straw. They are worried about riots when CCP is taking over the Country! Really!
    It time for you to take over. I fully endorse Sidney Powell in her request for tribunal.
    History does not tell us to lay down and die…….we fight with honor.
    Thank you from TEXAS.

    Liza & Louis

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    1. Sorry for missing church, body aches and coughing made the decision for me. I strongly support your comment here. I’m doing a lot of praying over my own reactions. Please also keep me in your prayers.

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  6. Lord,I know you know all! I also, Believe that you’re just waiting for your Timing to be right & only You knows the exact time & date! I Love our Country & President Trump! He’s only tried to do right & Make our Country Great again! Lord come quickly & let us Prevail! Amen! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    Great Story Jack & you’re the Greatest Author I’ve ever known! Thank you!

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