Will Dec.-Feb. Be Among Most Treacherous and Dangerous on US Soil?

While everyone is focused on President Donald J.Trump’s legal teams progress, including Sidney Powell’s Kraken release, it is wise to pay very close attention to our military.


Because December 2020 and January 2021 could likely bring some of the most treacherous and dangerous events in our history. You should plan for your loved ones protection and, especially if you live in a Democratic controlled city (where police departments have been ostracized and defunded), their survival.

Worse case scenarios could be civil war type actions, with losses of power and communication.

Too many reliable sources are warning “be ready for total internet and news manipulation, or no communication at all,” “do not trust mainstream media,” and “how will you keep warm in winter if utilities and energy is not available?”

“Trump knows violence has been planned for the election aftermath for a long time,” said one source. “He has nothing to lose by combating them in the courts, public opinion and if necessary, militarily. Media will be in full force saying he’s trying to take over, he’s bad for America, he’s against the Constitution–but it will be lies, and thank God, most people know that by now that it’s just the opposite of what they report.”

“Think about it. If he loses they’ll be coming after his family, his businesses, just everything. His back is to the wall. Hell, all of us are against the wall, but we’ve had enough.”

These are actual quotes: “Trump is bringing troops back to the states for a reason,” “special forces will now be like a separate arm of the military, answering more directly to him” and “he removed Esper and others to protect citizens from China and (George) Soros influence.”

My sources have never let me down. I’m trusting their knowledge and advice for my family.

Realize that Trump’s former Security Advisor General Mike Flynn is knowledgeable, smart and free. The President trusts him.

Cohen-Watnick, Flynn and Trump.

Know that Ezra Cohen-Watnick, a former aide to Flynn, is now the assistant secretary of defense for special operations. He was senior director of intelligence for the National Security Council and has close communication ties with House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes. Don’t take this phenomenal move lightly. This man now reports directly to…

…Defense Secretary Christopher Miller who Trump put in that position after terminating Mark Esper the week before.

“This reform will immediately improve agility to the department and the command and will enable us to streamline the information flow, enhance decision-making and more adaptively and adeptly support our commanders and their superb soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines,” Miller said last week.

The move aligns the Pentagon with the congressional 2017 National Defense Authorization Act. Congress  ordered the Pentagon to raise the assistant secretary of defense for special operations and low intensity conflict to a service secretary-like job and report directly to the defense secretary “for issues impacting the readiness and organization of special operations forces, special operations-peculiar resources and equipment, and civilian personnel management.”

Esper appeared to have been stalling. President Trump made it happen a week after Esper was out.

“Miller is a longtime veteran of the special operations community who retired from the Army in 2014 as a colonel,” Stars and Stripes reported last week. “Miller, who was a Green Beret, spent much of his career in the Army’s 5th Special Forces Group, commanding a company and a battalion. He fought in Afghanistan and Iraq as a Green Beret, participating in the initial invasions of both of those countries in 2001 and 2003, respectively.”

“The policy change comes one day after Miller announce the first major shift for the military under his watch — the hastened withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Do not dismiss the fact that the Chairman of the Board for the Dominion ballot tabulation machines used to illegally manipulate votes in swing states, is Peter Neffenger. Remember his name. He is on the Biden Transition Team advising for national security. He was Barack Obama’s National Security Advisor.  a retired vice admiral of the U.S. Coast Guard.

Meanwhile over half of all Americans, realizing Trump won the election by a landslide of legal votes, are restless and fed up.

Their anger is pointed at:

1. The Democratic Mob, who planned and put into place treasonous actions to undermine and steal the 2020 election.

2. Mainstream Media, who have lied, distorted and hid coverage to manipulate the election. They have supported riots, destruction, and anti-American propaganda. How’s Fox News doing lately?

3. The lack of Republican leadership support for President Trump and protecting the integrity of citizens’ legal votes and election honesty. We are beginning to learn exactly who has been participating in the fraud gravy train. Why aren’t Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp or Texas Senator John Cornyn saying or doing ANYTHING to SUPPORT our President?

4. The arrogant dismissal of China, Ukraine, Cuba, Venezuela and other foreign interference permeating our politics, laws, health and economy.

We are also taking note of who is supporting President Trump, patriotic Americans and the Constitution. Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Jim Jordan, and Mike Johnson are among those who have been vocal and forthright in their actions for their constituents.

House Oversight Committee Ranking Members James Comer, R-Ky., Rep. Jody Hice, R-Ga., and Rep. Chip Roy, R-Tex sent a letter to Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, claiming her “silence” on the issue of liberal thugs beating innocent Trump marchers in their rally earlier this month is part of a “broader pattern of viewpoint discrimination.”

“We respectfully request a hearing on the violence directed at supporters of President Trump on November 14, 2020,” they wrote to Maloney. “These supporters were exercising their First Amendment right to peacefully assemble within the District of Columbia.”

“The failure of the city’s leaders to afford basic protections to persons who may hold different political viewpoints from their own appears to be another concerning example of viewpoint discrimination in the District.”

“Despite the violence, the mainstream media and liberal establishment were quick to minimize the seriousness of the use of violence against Trump supporters by deriding them for failing to wear masks in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, and asserting that they were infiltrated by ‘white nationalists, conspiracy theorists, and far right activists,’” they wrote.

“City leaders have remained silent on the violence,” they continued. “This growing level of violence directed at others for holding different views is simply unacceptable.”

11 thoughts on “Will Dec.-Feb. Be Among Most Treacherous and Dangerous on US Soil?

  1. I would be more than shocked if the United States Armed Forces were to play any role in the domestic situation. I was a career professional soldier. I was taught, and I taught, that the military had no place in domestic politics or situations unless it was a circumstance way beyond civilian government to control. Yes, National Guard units may be called out to conduct anti-riot operations and to RESTORE civil control. Yes, the 82d and the 101st Airborne were called out in the 60s. However, they were there to, again, restore civil control. As for the Special Operations Forces (SOF), such as the Special Forces Brigades, the Ranger Battalions, the Air Force Special Operations Wings, and the Marine Special Operation Capable battalions, there is little or no chance they would be deployed, as there are no domestic missions in their missions sets for them to conduct. As for the Joint Special Operations Command (Rangers, DEVGRU [Seal Team 6], or Combat Applications Group [Delta]), they might be called in for hostage rescue missions that the FBI Hostage Rescue Team could not handle.
    I’ve worked with all of those units, with the exception of the FBI HRT.
    I know why the Assistant for Special Operations was elevated to service level. It has been a long time coming, and it is a budget fight issue, nothing more. I’ve been in the low level discussions about the priorities for money, and this was necessary to keep the budget line items clean.
    Now, will the next two months bring chaos. I certainly believe that the chances are good. I can see the National Guard called out, but I would be surprised to see active units called out, unless it is MP brigades in support of law enforcement.

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    1. I’ve had several others tell me similar things as you. My problem is I have very credible sources (wish I could tell you who they were, you’d be impressed) who have never let me down. I had similar pushback on the Germany raid article recently, but hindsight proved it was true again. I really struggled with this one because I respect the others who have like stances as you. But I can tell you, Trump was VERY upset when leftist operatives had practically taken control of DC and surrounded the White House in late Spring-Early Summer and he wanted Esper to control it. I also know he’s not going to allow it to happen again. I wish I could tell you more. Just know I respect your insight, just as I do others, but I wouldn’t release this information if it wasn’t reliable. Thank you very much Robert. (It might be worth it to check Ezra Cohen-Watnick out).


  2. Why aren’t the authorities looking at 2 news broadcasts by 2 different broadcast networks with Joe Biden admitting. “Quote ” ” This is the most fraudulent election to go down in American history”. This came directly from his mouth.

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    1. You stay put with provisions and back ups unless and until indicators show you’re in likely immediate danger. Leaving the safety of your home is generally not wise unless the are specific reason according to your environments unique conditions.

      Now is a good time to decide where you would go that would be more safe. I can’t personally advise you were to go as I am not familiar enough. Do you have family members you could turn to? Unless there is imminent danger, stay in the safety of your home. If you KNOW it’s not safe and is specifically vulnerable get your plan ready, so you will know where to safely go. Full tank of gas. Food. Shelter. This is not meant to scare you, but get you prepared in the event you need to.


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