China’s Dangerous Ties in America Grow With Biden

When you walk into a movie theater, who owns it?

The odds are it is Communist China.

China’s dangerous ties with Democratic and RINO politicians is an enormous concern for America.

In light of the summer of pandemic, and the Democrat election fraud, growing numbers of American voters have serious and suspicious concerns of China’s influence in our country…and the Biden name keeps it front and center.

In July 2020, the Trump Administration began warning American entities and businesses against investing in Chinese companies and said that additional sanctions could be on the way in return for China’s role in spreading the coronavirus.

Nancy Pelosi’s Congress has not moved an inch on the Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act passed unanimously by the Senate in May 2020.


The bipartisan act would force China, and other foreign companies to adhere to U.S. securities law. The Trump White House has been taking an aggressive stance undoing some of the damage caused from previous administrations.

American Medicine

In her eye opening book, “China RX: Exposing America’s Risk Of Dependence On China For Medicine,” author Rosemary Gibson provides a terrifying warning:

“Supplies can be withheld. Medicines can be made with lethal contaminants or sold without any real medicine in them, rendering them ineffective.”

China makes 97 percent of U.S. antibiotics and over 80 percent of active pharmaceutical ingredients used in American drugs.

Just last year, Chinese-made blood pressure medication was found to be tainted.

The threats are not limited to medicine. Since the Bill Clinton presidency, the World Economic Forum now estimates China owns over $150 billion in U.S. businesses. This doesn’t include the tens of thousands of real estate acres being acquired. My research denotes at least 200,000 acres.

Recent revelations about Joe and Hunter Biden, Nancy and Paul Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein and husband Richard Blume, and other political family ties reveal long relationships with China and enormous personal and professional investments.

Most Americans have no clue that when they walk into a movie theater, the likelihood it’s owned by Chinese companies controlled by Beijing is high.

AMC theaters may stand for American Multi-Cinema, but they are owned by China. Billed as “an American company based in Kansas,” the propaganda is familiar as with other Chinese controlled companies. In actuality, the Wanda Group, a Chinese conglomerate, are the controlling owners of over 11,000 American movie screens.

Make no doubt about it, China controls much of Hollywood and influences what we are allowed to see–in the manner they want it.

13 thoughts on “China’s Dangerous Ties in America Grow With Biden

    1. Ha! That’s what we do and only watch a DVD about once a month. I used to see at least one or two a week at theaters. No AMC ever for me. My oldest son, Mark is a movie director and screenwriter. Strings and Time Trap are two that are on internet and DVD now.

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      1. That’s awesome, Texas Jack. I’m so proud of your son and I’ll definitely check out the movies. I had a producer and screenwriter who I was working with just last year on the film adaptation of my first book. We were writing the screenplay. He taught me so much! Then he suddenly died of a massive stroke so everything came to a halt. Life’s like that sometimes. Pete DeLorenzo was a good friend and I’ll miss him very much. I ended up finishing the screenplay myself using what he taught me. I wish your son lots of success.

        Liked by 1 person

            1. That’s great! I’m so glad he’s independent of Hollywood. I know of a lot of people who are starting their own independent studios and production companies. Antonio Sabato is a Conservative and he’s just started his.

              Liked by 1 person

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