Beginners Guide and Tips for Parler

Just like it is with most anything new, the more I understand Parler, the more useful and fun it becomes.

It was tedious and slow going for awhile, but over time, I have learned some tips that has made it more enjoyable. In some ways I like it better than Facebook and Twitter.

They’ve experienced massive growing pains from their headquarters in Henderson, Nevada. Over 6 million people joined them in the last four days. So be patient, because they are working 24/7 to deal with it.

Here’s what I like most:

Parler doesn’t allow terrorists, spam, unsolicited ads, pornography, threats to harm, blackmail, and content that glorifies violence against animals. 

They will not share your personal data because it is encrypted for your protection, and never sold to outside entities.

I elected to become a “Verified Parler Citizen.” This verification process helps to keep out bots (autonomous programs on the internet that can interact with my systems or me). I want to know who I’m dealing with. These bots could encourage civil discourse.

Now let’s get to some tips and helpful information. If it seems like I’m talking down to you, like if you are a first grader, I’m not belittling. My intent is to be helpful to prevent some of the mistakes and naivity I’ve experienced.

Setting Up Tips

1. Type in your email carefully. You will need it when you forget your password and need a password reset link sent to your email.

2. You are going to experience Captcha. This helps Parler protect us to distinguish a human from machine input. It prevents spam and automated extraction of data from websites.

These are captchas.

Basically it’s a mix of script letters and numbers that they require you to type in. Type them upper and lowercase just as you see them.

Parler will then send you via text or email (your choice) a number code that expires in a minute.

3. If you survive the captcha, you move on to the part where you pick a password. Enter something you can remember or write it down.

Be very careful and press the right little button or you will be in a big bag of hurt later when you want to add the app to your phone.

4. Once in, it is fairly easy to use. I searched for one person I knew was on it, clicked on his profile, clicked on who he was following, and started clicking on the follow buttons on his list. I rather quickly filled up my list of follows with all the folks I like.

The screenshots here are from my phone. Depending on a phone, tablet or computer, your screen may look different, but this will give you the gist of it.


To begin, let’s check this out. At the top left of any page, there are three horizontal lines. Click it. This is what you’ll see (of course, you won’t see me, but a page like this).

Just look at the options but don’t let it intimidate you. One of the best things about Parler is you get to customize what you see and who you interact with.

If you want, you can filter out sensitive material, bots (or accounts that identify as bots) — or even particular keywords you’d rather not see in comments to your “parleys.”

Whatever you’d rather not see on your profile or feed, they give you the tools you need to do your own “shadow-banning” — while still leaving everyone else free to decide for themselves what they wish to see on their profiles and feeds.

See where it says Settings and Privacy? Let’s check it out. Look at the options. You never had that on the other apps like this! This is one of the reasons people are intimidated at first with Parler—so many options.

If you clicked Settings and Privacy, you should see this window of options. Notice the red color box near the bottom? It’s the accent color of your Parler pages. Just for fun, click that red box.

If you so desire, you can customize your color–even to an ugly color like this:

Just click color you like. You can always reset.

Now let’s get familiar with some of the pages. On just about any page, at the bottom, there are little icons. Do you see the third icon, left to right? It’s a little red bell. When you click it, it takes you to your “Notifications.”

On this screenshot, here are three notifications. Notice the red tag that says “Unfollow” on one of them? That means I already follow that person. If I want to unfollow, I just click the red tag.

Look at the center person. The white tag says “Follow.” I click to follow them.

A follow button can be found in a follow notification or on a profile. Selecting this button will allow you to view their posts on their feed as well as message them.You will know that you have started following a person when the Follow button turns to Unfollow.

Do you see where it says “Echoed Post” by some of those pictured?

An echo is a post from one user that is shared by another user. This can be presented with or without commentary. It’s like sharing on Facebook or Retweeting on Twitter.

Locate a post that you would like to echo to your own feed and share. Select the echo icon. Select Echo to post the content as is or select Echo With Comment to add your own text to the post. Then select Submit.

In the screenshot below, no one echoed, but all three voted for my post.

Both of the individuals echoed my article post. The second person echoed without commenting. The one on the bottom (with Trump image), echoed mine with a comment.

I’ll explain more about voting later in this article, but for now just understand that an “upvote” is a sign of support for a post or comment. To upvote content, select the upvote icon under the content.

A “downvote” shows that you disagree with what is being presented in a comment. They currently only offer downvoting in comments. To downvote, select the downvote icon under the comment.

In the next screenshot, notice each person did something different: followed me, voted for one of my posts, Jenna uploaded a photo.

Now go click those three horizontal lines at the top left and see if you can determine how to get to this Moderation page.

It’s pretty cool to get familiar with those later, once you get the basics down. Just know this is how you can customize preferences on what you can, see, hide, block and other things.

Have you noticed the camera icon on the bottom left? Click it. You will see people posts or “Parleys,” as we call them in Parler Land. Hopefully, you will often see, echo, and upvote mine.

In this example, with President and First Lady Trump at the Lincoln Memorial, notice the “496” on the top right. That means 496 Parler followers read it. Notice the white quote symbol with a “+” sign on it, inside a larger red bubble.

When you see that quote bubble you can click on it to comment. Select the comment bubble icon under any post. This will display a New Comment screen. Draft your comment and select Submit. Your comment is now posted.

Select the Parler logo in the top left corner or swipe right to open the navigation menu. Select Profile. Select Comments under your profile header. All comments can be found by making this selection.

Have you noticed the little eye icon? This feature allows you to see how well your post is performing on Parler. To use this, select the icon and you will see a complete breakdown of your engagement.

Under your post, select the comment bubble icon. This will display all of the comments made to your post.

How do you search for people? Click the Hourglass icon on the bottom of any page. It will take you to a screen like this:

To find someone you know, type their Parler handle in the top search box. Try mine for practice. I am @jackdennistexas . Click the “Follow” tag if you so desire. I appreciate it.

There is another part to Search section. Look on the right for “Hashtag.” This tells you high volume hashtagged “#” trends on Parler right now.

Notice in the screenshot above, there are names and mini descriptions of people I don’t yet know. If someone peaks my interest, sometimes I follow them.

If you click the second to the left icon, it will take you to the Discover page. This allows you to search for news, posts from partners of Parler, and influencers. Interacting with posts and people discovered on this page can boost your presence on Parler. The Discovery Page can be accessed by selecting the Discover Page icon in the top right corner.

Notice on the Discover News screenshots below, Vice President Mike Pence is on the “Partners” side and the one below that is the “Affiliates” side.

A Parler affiliate is an outlet that officially posts news articles to Parler. This allows people to officially engage with their preferred source in which they get their news and information.

The Envelope icon on the top right corner will lead you to conversations similar to messenging on Facebook.

I haven’t used it yet, because I don’t recognize anyone requesting a conversation. When it says “…radchicks” it makes me suspicious. But who knows? If you decide to click it, send me a message and let me know how it turned out.

Parler has fewer rules than Twitter and Facebook over what it allows on its network. Users can report a post for violating Parler’s policies, but the company doesn’t have third-party fact-checkers and doesn’t label misinformation.

Parler also has different-colored verification badges. A gold badge, for example, is for public figures with a large following, and a red badge indicates that the account is a real person and not a bot.

Parler has rules against spam, which include “repetitive comments and posts which are irrelevant to the conversation.”

Subscriptions allow you to prioritize posts from your favorite people on Parler into a separate feed. When these people post, you will receive a notification so you are always up to date with their content. In order to subscribe to someone you must follow them first.

Visit a user ‘s profile that you would like to subscribe to. Select the bell icon next to a user’s profile image. You are now subscribe to this user. 

The subscription feed allows you to view posts only from the select users that you have decided to subscribe to.

To access this feed, select Subscribed at the top of your feed. You will receive notifications when there is a new post in this feed.

Select the Parler logo in the top left corner or swipe right to open the navigation menu. Select Profile. Select Votes under your profile header.All upvoted posts can be found by making this selection. 

Select the dropdown arrow to the righthand side of your comment that you would like to delete. Select Remove Comment. Your comment is now deleted. 

Select the Parler logo in the top left corner or swipe right to open the navigation menu. Select Moderation > Review Comments. You will now see a list of comments made to your content. You can approve, deny, mute, or mark as spam. 

A downvote shows that you disagree with what is being presented in a comment. We currently only offer downvoting in comments.To downvote, select the downvote icon under the comment.

Select the Parler logo in the top left corner or swipe right to open the navigation menu. Select Settings and Privacy > Advanced Filters and toggle on “You do not follow”.

Mute People

Select the Parler logo in the top left corner or swipe right to open the navigation menu. Select Settings and Privacy > Advanced Filters and toggle on Who Do Not Follow You. 

Who do you follow?

Swipe right to display the navigation menu and select Profile. On your profile, you will see a box with a number followed by Following. This is the number of people that you follow. To view these people, select the box.

Who follows you?
Swipe right to display the navigation menu and select Profile. On your profile, you will see a box with a number followed by Followers.This is the number of people that follow you. To view these people, select the box. show Follower.

You will receive a notification if someone unfollows you. If you would like to unfollow these people, please unfollow them then as you will lose record of this once you clear your notifications.

How do you follow someone?
Visit a person’s profile by selecting their username via a comment or tag. Select Follow located to the right of the person’s profile image. Via post: Visit a person’s profile by selecting their username via post. Select dropdown in the top right corner and select User Options. Select Follow.

How do you unfollow someone?

Visit a person’s profile by selecting their username via a comment or tag. Select Unfollow located to the right of the person’s profile image. Via post: Visit a person’s profile by selecting their username via post. Select dropdown in the top right corner and select User Options. Select Unfollow and their @username.

June 2020 post.

To manage the types of notifications you receive:

Select Settings and Privacy > Notifications. Toggle on / off notifications for echoes, upvotes, comments, downvotes, new followers, and unfollows.

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  1. AAAGGGGGHHHHH! I may not live long enough to learn and absorb all this! Is it just me???? It all has to be simpler for me to use, and I have ABOVE average intelligence? 😳

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    • Hi Louise, it depends on many things. It’s difficult to answer that question because I don’t know what you are downloading from? Computer? (Apple, PC, Chrome…?), Notebook? (IPad?), Phone? (Android? I-Phone?)…It could be so many things like size of image? Type of image (jpeg, png, bmp…). I’m no computer or Parler expert. My suggestion would be to start here: Thank you for asking…I’m a bit flattered, but I’m by no means a computer geek. Thank you for reading CleverJourneys!


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