The Democrat Dam of Deceit is About to Burst

Is the Democrat Dam beginning to crack?

Are the Deminos about to tumble?

Just as they did with Spygate, DossierGate, RussiaGate, KavanaughGate, (JeffreyEpsteinSuicideGate?), and ImpeachmentGate, it looks like the tables are turning and the horse went before the cart on BidenWinsGate.

Tucker Carlson just nailed it again Monday night. Referring to politicians, journalists, educators, lawyers, scientists and election overseers, the only one of a few Fox News personalities viewers can still trust said:

“Nothing this grotesque can go on forever. The only solution is honesty. Let’s repeal our National dishonesty mandate and tell the truth about everything. Enforced lying is making everyone paranoid and crazy. The truth can’t be any worse.”

Tucker Carlson

Evidence, not hearsay, as fake news ‘journalists’ are so fond of, in rapid pace, is being carefully procured with great effort to prove Deep State Democrats and Media operatives are fraudsters. 

Monday Oregon’s elections director was abruptly fired by their secretary of state over serious issues with their election.

Memes, hinting the real truth (not the pretend kind like CNN or New York Times) are coming out eroding the manufactured nonsense mainstream pushers depend on.

Here is a sampling of some of the best memes and social media out this week:

…and one for the great RED STATE of TEXAS!

4 thoughts on “The Democrat Dam of Deceit is About to Burst

  1. Love this, Texas Jack! And I’m surprised Tucker Carlson is still working for Fox. I expect that he’ll either quit or be fired before long because he’s way too honest for those creeps! And now the Left is making a list called the Trump Accountability Database to list all those who supported Trump! That should concern all of us! So far, they’re listing people who worked in the Trump administration, high level Trump officials and big donors. But how long will it be before they include regular Trump VOTERS like you and me? Freaking scary as hell!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I hear you. I’m probably on that list as well, Jack. And I can’t wait for that either. I’m tired of all the crap and these people need to be swiftly dealt with! Also, I hope they start handing out indictments against Nancy Pelosi, Pencil Neck Schiff and the cabal! Something’s got to give!


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