Here is Proof It Takes  Villages of Idiots to Not Believe the Biden Campaign is Illegally Corrupt

Let’s get straight to the point. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the Democratic Party operatives are illegally corrupt.

When investigators checked, it was ballots. Evidence turned over to non-Californian authorities.
This is a screenshot from a video. Confirmed.
They are careless.
6000+ illegal votes documented.
They illegally wouldn’t let authorized observers to enter or view.

This is an actual call for activists to “cure” ballots. Curing is what you do to heal disease. The intent is to alter, change, repair, modify. It is illegal to take ballots off premises.

Caught by camera altering.
Deceased Michigan voters. Tip of the iceberg.
Voters were handed this before they entered the polling booths. It tells them who to vote for. Totally illegal, but it’s been videoed, photographed and affidavited.
It is illegal to display political advertising in polling places. This is blatant.
He voted in Michigan in 2020.

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  1. We live in a Banana Republic now, a 3rd World nation, brought to us by the Democrat party and their supporters and enablers and those who vote Democrat.

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  2. This fraud has weighed upon me for months now. We conservative Americans knew this was going to happen, but our government, our elected Republican leaders sat on their lazy butts. Like a wise fellow said yesterday, ” the democrats are wearing brass knuckles and are gathered in the arena, the Republicans are sipping martini’s at the country club.” That is the fundamental difference between the two parties and their constituents. I am at a loss for what the American citizen can do to prevent this election fraud. The news media and our own DOJ is looking the other way. It is a sad day for America, because when Biden is sworn in, it will no longer be our America.

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  3. Trump just had the Democrats step into a trap. Within days Homeland Security will go through each and every ballot. If they don’t have a watermark on them, they are counterfeit; if they are dead voters, it’s fraud; if they aren’t residents, it’s fraud; if they used a sharpy pen, they were set up by the election workers; if they aren’t postmarked, it’s fraud; if there’s no signature, it’s fraud. These paper ballots can be fingerprinted for known felons. I suspect BLM and Antifa were hired to count ballots. Keep the faith.

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  4. HAMMER (I do not mean Hammering Hank Arron) and SCORECARD is a software program first used in the odama campaign to defeat hillary and has been implemented in the 2020 selection of biden. Fox has just called biden the winner. will give you a better understanding of the origin of this tool. A good interview if you want to know. If you do not want to know you may be a part of the problem. ‘If you stand for nothing you will fall for anything.’ (Irene Dunne on America’s Town Meeting of the Air)

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  5. Yep! The Democrats have been using the dead voter scheme for decades I think. It’s why they’re so dead against Voter ID. The thing is that those invalid votes will never go through Constitutionally. The Democrats have always been for going against The US Constitution. And sadly, I hate to admit it, I WAS a Democrat for many years and so was my moms side of the family. We were fooled by the Dems claims to be the party of equality and inclusion for all. And we had good intentions. We honestly didn’t know they were so damned evil. Luckily, we saw broken promise after broken promise and we wised up! And millions of others are wising up! Hopefully, millions more will.

    But haven’t the Liberals been preparing us for this scam all along in their claims that Trump would steal the election? They’ve been claiming he would for the past six to seven months, which told me, you and several others they were planning to rig the election. They’re notorious for projecting, How do you know Democrats are doing some dirt? They accuse the other side of it.

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