Why Patriotic America Will Reelect President Donald Trump

At the end of this election cycle, the voice of the American people will be heard.

We Honor Our God, Our Country and Our Constitution

Americans are not going to live in fear. We are resilient. We are beating the pandemic and socialism distancing. Americans will congregate in church when we want to. We will not be obedient to tyranny and insist on law and order.

We honor our God, our country, and our Constitution.

Americans will stand in line as long as it takes for the privilege to vote, rather than wait in a socialism line for bites of rations.

Americans will protect and respect our police, military and soldiers. We appreciate our farmers, truckers, ranchers, nurses and patriotic teachers.

We will pray.

We are angry and do not believe in the media, Hollywood, China, and the Democrats’ tired old Saul Alinsky playbook.

George Soros, Rob Reiner and Hunter Biden can go fleece themselves.

The jig is up. America knows the media has self reduced themselves into political cheerleaders for the far left. Their polls are as valuable now as they were for Hillary Clinton.

By October 20, 2016 their polls told us Hillary’s chances of winning were far better on that date, than Joe Biden’s was on October 12th. And they expect us to back down?

We are finished with their collusion. It’s almost over.

All the money that Soros, High Techs, Communist China and Big Pharma can muster to fill the airwaves and highways with commercials and billboards doesn’t compare to the will of the American people.

Those elitists are no match to the kind of patriotism that stirs 30,000 cars in Florida or 7,000 people in Laredo, Texas to join in Trump Train Caravans.

The New York Times and CNN can’t spin enough lies to stop hundreds of thousands of patriots to sing the National Anthem across all 50 states to start off their Trumptillas in our lakes, rivers and coast lines.

The liberal governors, try as they might, aren’t powerful enough to stop the historical Trump rallies.

Even the GOP ground game is far superior to their 2016 one. In 2020, the Republicans have knocked on 20 million doors reaching unprecedented numbers that our nation has never experienced.

We are not fooled. We are not afraid and we are prepared for your looting and violence. We are voting—and our turnout will be greater than their cheating and ballot harvesting.

With our hand tied behind our backs, we’ll take the electoral college by a greater amount than Trump did with Hillary.

“The Bidens got rich while America got robbed,” said President Donald J. Trump last night.

Where is Hunter?

Nancy Pelosi refuses to pass a COVID-19 stimulus package that the President says he will sign. It’s no wonder that between October 9 and October 11, the YouGov survey says 46% of registered voters feel that Pelosi is more to blame for the failure to pass a coronavirus stimulus package than anyone.

The Biden-Harris Democrat elitism is on full display.

During their debate, when asked by President Trump if he intended to pack the Supreme Court “because you are not getting your way,” Biden actually replied “American people don’t deserve to know until after the election.”

During the debate with Vice President Mike Pence last week, Kamala Harris’ most telling statement was revealing.

“The American people aren’t equipped to make these decisions for themselves,” she sneered.

American’s  know that expanding the Venezuela Supreme Court and packing his own judges in, is how Hugo Chavez became a socialist dictator.

Guess why there were 30,000 cars in the Trump parade caravans in Florida last week? Because thousands of the participants are legal immigrants from Chavez’ Venezuela and other socialist countries.

Thousands of Latino, Cuban and Venezuelan immigrants were there to welcome the President at his rally in Sanford, Florida this week. Unlike the dozen or so supporters who attend Biden rallies, Trump patriots aren’t required to stand in the middle of hula hoops six feet apart.

Despite Twitter censorship, #CrookedJoeBiden was their most searched term Thursday.

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