Biblical Public Policy Organization Wins Transgender Sports Case Defending Women Rights

Last year a biological man won the national title at the 2019 Division II NCAA Track and Field Championships in the Women’s 400-meter hurdles.

The nation’s largest public policy women’s organization, Concerned Women for America (CWA) bringing Biblical principles into all levels of public policy, announced their civil rights case against the university has been won.


The U.S.  Department of Education Office for Civil Rights agreed with CWA that “transgender sports participation and inclusion policy is in violation of Title IX, which prohibits discrimination in educational programs and activities, including athletics, on the basis of sex.”

The New Hampshire university, “will rescind its Transgender Participation and Inclusion Policy and will cease any and all practices related thereto.” 

Franklin Pierce University’s policy is similar to current NCAA policy that reportedly is currently under review and is due for consideration by the Board of Governors at their October meeting later this month.

Prior to joining the women’s team at Franklin Pierce University last season, Craig Telfer was a mediocre Division II athlete who never came close to making it to nationals in the men’s category. In 2016 and 2017, Telfer ranked 200th and 390th, respectively, in the 400 hurdles.

He transgendered into a female, and changed his first name to CeCe. Telfer was allowed to enter the women’s event and won. Telfer dominated the competition, winning in 57.53. Second place was way back in 59.21.

As a man, Telfer ran the hurdles at 57.34, even though the men’s hurdles are six inches taller than the women’s hurdles and didn’t even score at that conference meet. 

“This Resolution Agreement is the first victory for college female athletes being forced to compete on an unfair playing field against males claiming transgender status and competing in women’s sports,” said Penny Nance, CWA’s CEO and President. “We thank the Department of Education for upholding Title IX, which was passed into law 48 years ago to give women and girls equal opportunities in sports based on biological sex.”

“Transgender policies have turned Title IX on its head, denying the rights of women and girl athletes to compete only against athletes of the same sex and threatening the future of women’s sports.”

“Federal action against Franklin Pierce University is a warning shot to the NCAA and every college and university in America to back off policies that discriminate against female student-athletes and restore fairness and equity in women’s sports.”

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  1. This is good news, but this should not even be an issue. If you’re born with a penis, you’re a boy; if you’re born with a vagina, you’re a girl. Basic science has this settled. (I think hermaphrodites are rare). If you want to change your gender, regardless of the lengths you’re willing to go, you’re still biologically the sex you were born.
    They should start a club and compete there. There seems to be enough confused/ mentally unwell people to accomplish this these days!

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