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Soros Met With Biden and Millions of Funds Pouring in to Defeat Trump in Close States

George Soros and his Open Society  fellow Democracy Alliance billion-millionaire partners are spending millions in tipping point states to prevent President Donald J. Trump’s reelection.

Dark Money Targets Specific States


Their “dark money,” untraceable donations are pouring in to their bought and paid for organizations such as “Republicans Against Trump.”

This month, they have over 150 billboards and hundreds of TV ads are infiltrating Pennsylvania and North Carolina. 

Another faux Republican organization, “Defending Democracy Together” run by Bill Kristol, a RINO critic at best, received $1.6 million from Democracy Fund Voice, an organization originally founded by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar.

Viral meme.

The Sixteen Thirty Fund, another liberal dark money supplier, chipped in $75,000 from their Hopewell Fund.

Another Soros affiliation, The Lincoln Project works with Defending Democracy Together on a “Operation Grant” initiative to combat for anti-Trump votes in Ohio, Texas and Iowa.

The Lincoln Project has spent about $32 million on ads attempting to unseat Trump and his allies in Congress.

Polling Deja Vu?

There appears to be a repeat, reminiscent of the 2016 election, of undependable polling heading into the last 18 days of this cycle.

Rasmussen says Biden holds a five point-lead over President Trump in their weekly White House Watch survey. Almost a mirror image of Hillary Clinton in 2016 at this time, Biden had a 12-point advantage (his biggest lead ever) last week.

Media Trust and Reliability Low

Citizen’s trust in news and social media continues to decline at all time lows as they try to downplay or counteract the bombshell New York Post story revealing a Ukrainian official emailed Hunter Biden in 2015 thanking him for allowing him to meet with his Vice President father.

Just like Nancy Pelosi’s official schedule didn’t have her listed at the San Francisco hair salon, Biden’s schedule is being used to say he didn’t meet Burisma or Ukraine officials on Hunter’s behalf.

Soros and Biden DID Meet

But the official schedule does record  a meeting between Biden, George Soros and Special Envoy and Coordinator of International Energy Affairs Amos Hochstein at the White House on April 16, 2015. This was just one day before the Hunter Biden email was sent thanking him for inviting him to DC and giving him an opportunity to meet with his dad.

Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has confirmed they are investigating these emails and meetings. 

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