Goodbye Media and NFL, Hello Prayer, Police, Firefighters and Trump

Hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans are boycotting mainstream media propaganda and the NFL to show the traditional goodness of the United States.

They’re showing socialist liberals what real peaceful protests and rallies are by showing up in thousands of patriotic and God loving events across the nation.

While we learn, Antifa, the poster kids of the communists left have resorted to using chainsaws to cut down utility poles and are starting more fires, the real American heroes, our police and firefighters are protecting us.

Through the summer, Nike the supplier of NFL uniform kits and endorser of take-the-knee players has been laying off hundreds of workers. Why? Because of thr net loss of $790 million in their fourth quarter.

Meanwhile, to the dismay of fake news media, America has never experienced the enormous numbers of grassroots parades and caravans spreading across the 50 states.

Officials at the Georgia Department of Natural Resources estimate 3,500 vessels participated at one of the state’s lake parades. 

Cubans4Trump caravans were held in Cocoa Beach, Miami, Orlando, Fort Myers, and Jacksonville. Latinos for Trump joined in at the Orlando parade.

When Karen Mills organized a caravan event on I-275 Loop around Cincinnati, she was hoping to get up to 100 Trump supporters. Instead almost 10,000 vehicles showed up Saturday and stretched for miles into Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Support for law enforcement was displayed throughout the parade.

Texas is a bedrock for the parades with over 92 parades, rallies and Trumptillas boating events last weekend. More are planned.

In California, the number of worship and prayer events are growing in spite of Governor Gavin Newsom’s socialist order to close church services down.

Grace Community Church of Sun Valley, Cornerstone Church of Fresno, Destiny Christian Church of Rocklin, Harvest Rock Church of Pasadena, Godspeak Calvary Chapel of Thousand Oaks, and North Valley Baptist Church of Santa Clara have reopened despite the threats of  thousands of dollars in fines for holding in-person services and for singing during service. 

Los Angeles County has gone to court has made four attempts in courts to secure a court order to prevent indoor religious services at Grace Community.

Estimates of up to 12,000 worshippers descended on the California state capitol on Sunday for an outdoor singing and prayer service called “Let Us Worship” in defiance against the liberal state’s efforts to restrict religious assembly.

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  1. I love this post, Jack! Thank you for giving me the hope I need. My father served this country in the United States Army and I’m a proud Army Brat! I miss the America I grew up in! The Silent Majority is now roaring!

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