Part 5: Will Trump Be Our Last True President? It’s Up to You

The Globalists’ goal is to control the United States of America and change the Constitution.

Globalists, socialists, Marxists, communists, Antifa, BLM members, the progressive left, China, the Democratic Party and George Soros are desperate.

They’re throwing everything–every trick in the playbook, countless dollars, the fake media, even the kitchen sink, all the indoctrination and propaganda–they can muster to contol the United States of America and change the Constitution.

They will do everything and anything, even those that are unimaginable, to overthrow America.

President Donald J. Trump, learning the vulnerability of our nation’s military deterioration,  knew his team had to quickly act. Obama’s purge of the military was damaging to national security, as he literally gutted the command structure of the U.S. military.

Retired high ranking officers have told me of being subject to radical policies of social engineering and intense political correctness. The demoralization of the ranks was enormous.

An account of Obama’s purge
included the replacement of nine Senior Commanding Generals, two Nuclear Commanders, 197 high ranking Senior, General and Flag Officers, along with thousands of non-commissioned officers.

The FBI and Homeland Security Takeover

Trump learned that at least equally threatening was the Obama operatives takeover and transformation of the Department of Justice, the F.B.I. and the Intelligence Agencies. Even as the end of his first term comes to an end, Barr must deal with these placements as Durham’s investigation moves forward.

One observer described these operatives as “the defacto 4th Branch of Government” who have been “dictating and carrying out their own policies, while openly subverting and sabotaging those of a duly elected president.”

The most important point to grasp is that Obama was the front-man in charge of carrying them out as the Deep State and Shadow Government’s placeholder president.

This is the same purpose Joe Biden would have if elected president.

The Deep State and Globalists are throwing everything they have to make certain Trump is America’s last true president. No one, but their chosen and controlled puppet can be allowed to be president.

Trump is in the way.

In coming weeks, perhaps before the traditional October Surprises from the fake news and Deep State Democrats come out, perhaps Trump will have some surprises of his own.

With Durham’s investigation results, mainstream media will get their marching orders to echo Deep State retaliatory rebuttles and propaganda.

We’ll learn more about their failed “insurance policy” –the fake dossier released as their October Surprise in case Trump was to be sworn into office.

Peter Strzok’s (the then FBI’s Chief of Counterespionage), now notorious  text message sent to FBI attorney Lisa Page is just the tip of the iceberg.

Fixing the Election

All summer, Democrats and media have been pounding into the heads of their followers about the dangers of the coronavirus pandemic.

They’ve purposely politicized it as the setting and focal point on why Californians can’t attend church services, Joe Biden must stay in his basement instead of participating in the presidential debates, and the reason votes should be mailed in by the United States Post Office.

Note that labor unions, (including Postal Service workers) even though 40 percent of their members historically vote Republican, have given over $1.6 billion to Democrats,  Planned Parenthood, and anti-Republican advocacy groups since 2010–without input of their members.
Most people, even Democrats with sense, know that upon receiving completed absentee/mail-in ballots, election officials must first process them before they can be counted.

If done properly, the processing entails verifying voter signatures and physically preparing ballots for tabulation. But these practices vary widely from state to state. Counting entails the actual tabulation of votes.

In 2020, sixteen states allow for officials to begin counting absentee ballots BEFORE Election Day. 

Of these 16 states, 10 voted for President Donald Trump (R) in the 2016 presidential election. The other six voted for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D).

Of the 16, statutes in seven states – Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, and Vermont provide explicitly for counting to begin before Election Day. 

In the other nine states, the relevant statutes either do not specify a timeline or leave the decision to the discretion of local officials: Connecticut, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Utah.

Statutes in the remaining states do not allow for counting to begin either until Election Day or after polls close.

These procedures are subject to change, as politicians and courts continue to contend with this election.

The Last True President

America has seen the hoaxes, corruption and dangerous agendas for four years. Even after the failed collaborations of media and leftist globalist Deep State, news and polls still continue with their betrayal to the American people.

The Steele Dossier, the Mueller Investigation, the false Russia-Gate hoax, the Kauvenaugh hearing, January 2020  impeachment witch-hunt, treacherous pandemic accusations, breaches of citizens’ lawful rights, organized riots and automatic baleouts for Antifa, BLM and other liberal funded organizations may have caused considerable damage.  However, an all-powerful and supreme question remains.

 When “Trump lost” is played out across TV, computer and cell phone screens across the world, it’s likely that President Trump’s social media accounts will be suspended.

What happens with news media refuses to cover or allow Trump to send any message to American citizens?

Will Donald J. Trump be America’s last president?

It’s up to you.
Give. Support. Vote.

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Part 5. Will Trump be the last true President?

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