Part 4: Will Donald Trump Be America’s Last True President?

Who and Where the Imbedded Operatives Are

The Deep State army would be the “Senior Executive Service,” the SES. Have you ever heard of them? If not, it’s by design. Below is their official flag and emblem.

SES was created on September 19, 1979 during the Carter administration for the purpose of professionalizing career civil service. It would “improve and modernize the management of the federal bureaucracy.”

From the government website:

“Members of the SES serve in the key positions just below the top Presidential appointees. SES members are the major link between these appointees and the rest of the Federal workforce. They operate and oversee nearly every government activity in approximately 75 Federal agencies.”

Today, a position within the SES is considered the equivalent to general officer or the flag officer ranks in the U.S. Armed Forces. By the time Obama’s order began the purging, these operatives were being referred to as “civilian generals.”

Known in Washington as “Obama’s Army,” these operatives were given the best jobs in the federal government that require no experience, no skills, and yet get the highest pay of anyone. If you’re the boss of your department, it’s hard to fire yourself.

The civilian general pay scale starts above the top level of civil service (GS-15), with base salaries ranging from a minimum of $127,914 to a maximum of $192,300 (2019 figures).

On the day Obama signed the executive order these civilian officers jobs changed from implementing policing to massively changing it.

Although Trump quickly began a purge of his own, especially with the FBI and DOJ, his administration was faced with enormous obstructions. Partly because of the massive changes by Deep State operatives but primarily due to the difficulties of firing SES civilian generals.

“To say Obama’s transformation of the SES into an army of political operatives was effective would be a gross understatement,” stated one observer.

Although Trump was able to eventually rid many of these operatives out of their positions, the task is massive.

The Imbedded Operatives Are Deep State

Today there are more than 2 million federal government employees. Most of the leaders of these employees are about 8,000 SES managers. Obama replaced over 6,000 of those managers with these Deep State operatives during his eight years in the Oval Office.

It’s important to note if you are doing your own verification research that “officially” they are not in the FBI, DOJ, and State Department. (Researching The “Plum Book” can get you started).

There are “look-alike” senior management systems inside some federal agencies that fill the exact same purposes and those systems are directly connected to SES. Even the Department of Defense has these Deep State appointees, though they officially claim they do not. 

You cannot find their names on official lists. Remember they are imbedded in the DEEP state. SES is a system of controlling power through secrecy, and acting with complete impunity.

On the day Trump began his first day as President, 821 operatives were in place at the Department of Justice. This provides us with a clue to what Attorney General William Barr inherited and why Federal Attorney John Durham must be extremely thorough and prudent leading the investigation (Note: if they–individually or both–are not part

It wasn’t just the DOJ. Obama placed 639 operative managers at Homeland Security.

When former Texas Governor Rick Perry took over as Trump’s Energy Secretary, he faced 490 new operatives.

Here’s a list of other Departments:

Department of Education – 86

Department of Housing & Urban Development – 115

Department of the Air Force – 182

Department of Labor – 200

Department of State – 204

Department of Transportation – 231

Department of Interior – 258

Department of the Army – 261

Department of the Navy – 326

Department of Veterans Affairs – 357

Department of Agriculture – 361

Department of Commerce – 425

Department of the Treasury – 458

Department of Health & Human Services – 468

All Other Agencies (all non-Cabinet level agencies) – 1,796

President Trump knows all of this. His administration continues to deal with the anarchy imbedded in the SES. The best headway, at least as far as my sources know, have been made in the Veterans Administration.

Some members of the Congressional House of Veterans Affairs Committee were especially helpful moving this along.

“It was the Trump White House’s initial experience dealing with getting these operatives out,” a source commented. “Let’s hope they honed their skills for many more.”

Compared to Obama’s first year in office in 2009, the number of SES members showed the exit door under President Trump in 2017 was 26 percent more.

If Trump gains another term there is good promise on making more headway, as by 2022, 65 percent of the top SES leaders will be eligible to retire.

Between ridding the Deep State operatives from the SES and potentially appointing up to four new Justices to the Supreme Court, Trump’s promise and progress to “Drain the Swamp” could be remarkable.

A good research tool called “Clinton/Circle” is still out there in Internet land that has a treasure of ways to find out who Deejp State SES members are.  The information provides those who communicated by email to and from Hillary Clinton and/or John Podesta and the DNC.

You can bet DOJ investigators (remember John Durham) have used information better than this to connect the dots with anyone communicating through Clinton’s illegal private server. This includes Deep State operatives Obama planted for her term of she was elected.


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13 thoughts on “Part 4: Will Donald Trump Be America’s Last True President?

  1. I’ve got to say, Jack, this is the first time in your writings that I sat back and said “what??” And then I checked out some of your references! Not surprising though, you clearly do your research before you write and post information. I continue to appreciate your efforts to keep people informed. Not everyone, as you know, will listen. But I sure do! Thanks again!

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  2. A good article. It does have a few typos through out the article, I would suggest a proof read and correction to give it more credibility. Thanks for providing key information for those of us that want to go down the rabbit hole and research the topic more!


    1. You made my evening. Thank you. When I originally wrote it, there were some questioning the series. Time has a way of proving such articles (and writer’s reputations) right or wrong. I trusted my sources and research and went with it. Thank you for your sentiment and readership, James.


    1. All ideas are welcomed. Trump began and took a good size bite out of them, but realized in late 2019 how massive they were. Pandemic got in the way, otherwise There would have been so much more. He needed that first term to realize what he was up against.


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