Criminal Sympathizers to BLM Thugs In Memphis Disgrace Elvis Presley’s Graceland Wall

Fans from around the world are demanding to know how disrespectful thugs were allowed to criminally deface the historical wall and sidewalk in front of Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee.

Photo: Billy Stallings

Knowing the value of Elvis Presley’s mansion, questions are being directed at Elvis Presley Enterprises and local government how security could be so lax to permit the vandalism.

Presley, who was raised and grew up in Black neighborhoods of Tupelo, Mississippi, was known for his kindness and unracial love for Blacks.

“Let me tell you the definitive truth about Elvis Presley and racism,” The King of the Blues, B.B. King said to me in a 2010 interview in San Antonio. “With Elvis, there was not a single drop of racism in that man. And when I say that, believe me I should know.”

‘People today will say things about Elvis they just don’t know about’, King commented. ‘They want to say this is black music, this is white music, this is country music. But when Elvis came along all that was suddenly washed down the drain’.

“BLM has now defaced Grave,” posted Mindi Miller, a friend of Elvis and fans across the globe. “Sad to say Biden And Kamala keep bailing these jerks out of jail … they fund their legal counsel also! Not just in Memphis..all over!”

BLM didn’t do themselves any favors in this criminal project. They just literally angered millions of Elvis fans across the nation and around the planet.

Update on BLM at Graceland. Click here.

“Graceland is on the National Registry of Historic Places,” posted Don Wilson, a prominent Elvis fan, friend and Hollywood insider. “That should pull more weight for prosecution of malicious vandals.”

“These BLM thugs will do this again – if they think they can get away with it,” Wilson continued.

“In the Lone Star State, we have a saying, ‘Don’t Mess With Texas!” said Allen Jackson. “Well,  BLM and their supporters have solidly damaged their cause, because nobody should mess with Elvis.”

“So security at Graceland can stop fans and yell at them but can’t stop this,” stated Billy Stallings ‘Spa Guy.’ “…this didn’t happen in minutes.. Security needs to tighten up!!”

“I am so sick of all this mess! Im tired of the lawlessness and the looting and violence in the streets,” said fan Tracy Bother. “

Photo: Billy Stallings

Now they’ve gone after our Graceland! I hope they are watching the property and Mansion cause I’m scared for it. Hope most of this country is waking up and seeing what this mob is doing to our nation and things we hold dear.”

Photo: Billy Stallings

I’m sorry but these people aren’t protesters,” commented Kenny Craig. “This is thug behaviour and vandalism! Graceland is one of the biggest reasons tourists come to memphis! I’d love to see how Memphis would survive without attractions like this. Elvis was not racist in the slightest and absolutely adored the black community, he was one of the few back in the day who listened to gospel and admired it.”

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  1. This is disgraceful and disgusting when are the people going to be stoped and held accountable for their actions. This royally pissed me off
    Leave Elvis out of this bull shit
    You people doing this kind of stuff need to grow up. And leave other people property alone. This needs to stop.

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  2. Disgusting as these thugs are, where was Graceland security or the police? The graffiti surely took awhile to defaced the wall. No witnesses or cameras much less suspects?

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  3. For all the years since Elvis bought Graceland His fans had been leaving written tributes and messages on that wall ….. That in itself is a part of the man’s popularity in music and a part of Graceland …… Then you get these fools doing this . I hope they can clean that up without wiping out to much of the history that’s on the wall …

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  4. First it have st least take 10 to 15 mins to do all that writing on the wall were was security sleeping and police driving blind when they pass by put some camera out there at Least two or three to get better pictures The video that police looking at it was somewhere else by shell place not Graceland they have camera by the gate on big pole don’t know it it work no security check to see it it’s work what security very bad and rude to. They need to replace them get them out lousy job get nee security team be in shape it’s like 1970 security bad need new blood organize that lazy and sleep. Get some camera out there Close circuit TVs in the guard house to see the area with video camera wake up night vision camera


  5. The police have a video of the car it was a white Suv one driving and two
    people come out of the car could not tell if they where black or white police will get plate number soon and get them soon don’t care what color they are it’s wrong to do it on Elvis wall who ever did it hope they get them make them pay for it So don’t rush judgement till they get caught

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