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Are Feds Investigating BLM Activities at Elvis’ Graceland?

Are Homeland Security and the FBI looking into the defacement of the front wall in front of Elvis Presley’s Graceland during the early morning hours of September 1, 2020?

Workers cleaning Graceland Wall, September 1, 2020.

Memphis Police are investigating the vandalism and graffiti with Black Lives Matter (BLM) and defund police tags sprayed on the historical wall. But one law enforcement source indicates federal investigators are interested.

“This is not the first time Black Lives Matter has used Graceland for a place for protest and intimidation tactics,” the source, who states he is not directly involved in this particular probe, said. “They’ve been their on multiple occasions, testing the waters and even surveying.”

BLM and ANTIFA are losing ground with their public image battles.

One of the most public known episodes occurred on July 10 and 12, 2016. Three people were arrested in “a trial run in front of Graceland,” he said. “They called themselves the Coalition of Concerned Citizens, but plenty of evidence and intelligence quickly showed they were Black Lives Matter operatives.”

“What these groups don’t realize is they can’t hide behind their masks, hoods and intimidation gear,” he continued. “There are variety of tools at our disposal are deployed to monitor who’s attending these Black Life Matters and Antifa protests. We’ve learned how they’re moving, who is accountable and what there mode of operations are.”

Criminal trespassers Thompson, Curtis, Asbury arrested at BLM Graceland protest in 2016.

The following month three of the original July protesters were back with several hundred marchers on Elvis Presley Blvd. during Elvis Week festivities. Gregory Thompson, 23, and Kauz Spencer Curtis, 20, were arrested for criminal trespass. Dana Asbury, 31, was arrested for criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, and inciting riot.

“They couldn’t hide behind Coalition of Concerned Citizens personas for the press and TV cameras. This was a Black Lives Matter event. It was the same ones behind shutting down the Hernando DeSoto Bridge in July.”

“It was not good for the Elvis Presley business. Thousands of fans, there for the candlelight ceremony up the drive to his grave could feel the tension. We heard many didn’t come that year and the next year too out of fear.”

Billy Stallings photo. Sept. 1, 2020.

“If Trump remains in office people will be held accountable as surveillance evidence flows in,” the Shelby County source said. “You see, even hidden behind masks, facial and body reconnaissance technology and techniques provide valuable intelligence.”

In recent months, the  Department of Homeland Security deployed helicopters, airplanes and drones over 15 cities where demonstrators met, prepared and rioted.

“​Drones are the big thing because. combined with aerial cameras, offer critical facial recognition data that can be applied to even large areas during mass events.”

“Front start to finish, before and after, and during protests, surveillance is happening. Hidden cameras and body cams on field agents–some in uniform, some not, maybe in camouflage, or maybe in the group–offer data.”

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    • And your point is what? Apparently is IS a hot topic for over 5,000 Elvis Fans as proven by the statistical integrity of the votes and response from his family, friends and staff. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to understand the relevancy, but thank you for responding.


  1. I just wish a few of my EP friends & I were there in 2016 and especially on Sept 1. I would have really enjoyed getting arrested for breaking these Fake-ass, elitists, White boys wanna be black , disrespectful and wholly ignorant of history arms, legs and messing up their already ugly faces. These are the same morons who took down Fredrick Douglas Statue!!! But they came under darkness, just like any parasite would and now they have pissed off millions of Elvis followers throughout the world…I pity the fools..cause we Elvis people have big mouths and long memories. BLM has already lost the war, we just need 4 more yrs of Trump to get that fact through their dumb as dirt heads!!! TRUMP 2020 ELVIS FOREVER !!

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