James Woods’ Greatest Twitter Hits This Week

American actor James Woods literally has a genuis IQ. He’s definitely one of the most intelligent people in Hollywood. Here’s some of his greatest tweets of this week…so far.

As long as these crazies on the left insist that “protests” are fine, but church gatherings are not, no rational person will take them seriously. Every day the raw political agenda of Democrats is exposed. Their hypocrisy is a hatchet wound in America’s soul.

The only thing you need to know about this election is the constant and virulent hatred the Democrat Party has for law enforcement in this country. It’s evident in every major Democrat city, from the riots in their streets to the corruption endemic to their failed leadership.

The main generators of COVID-19 are riots condoned, indeed encouraged, by Democrat politicians. Maybe the geniuses of the “party of science” will someday comprehend that the virus can’t differentiate between a protest and a beach party.

After learning Google has purged Breitbart from their search results: The members of the liberal media/tech cartel are now completely unrestrained in their bias by any means or measure, particularly their own integrity or what’s left of it.

Hank Johnson, who literally feared that Guam would capsize, absolutely refuses to hear an answer to his rambling, bumbling tirade. There is no stupider human being in America. He is an unequivocal moron.

Watch as #ChubbyPenguinNadler plays pocket pool in search of his left testicle and some semblance of the truth about #Portland. As usual he finds neither…

The Democrats will pull off one of the greatest scams in history when they get all the way to Election Day without once having #JoeBiden face spontaneous questioning or a debate.

Let these Democrat cities eat themselves like cancer eating its host. Don’t send in federal law enforcement. Don’t send in the National Guard. Let the people who cooked this horrid feast at the ballot box now choke on it.

They’ve already destroyed Arizona and Nevada.

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