New Elvis Presley Tribute Artist World Record Broken

A new world record was set last week when an Elvis Presley Tribute Artist sang Elvis’ songs nonstop for 50 hours, 50 minutes and 50 seconds.

“Kjell Elvis” believes his new Guinness World Record will stand for years. 

Kjell Henning Bjornestad, a 52 year old Norwegian entertainer, shattered German Thomas Gathje’s 16-year-old record by seven hours, between Thursday and Saturday morning, July 23-25, at the Scotsman Pub in Oslo, Norway.

The event also raised a money for the building of a refugee hospital at Tham Him camp in Myanmar, Burma.

“I am so happy that I performed for 50 hours, 50 minutes and 50 seconds,” he said. “This is the third time I am doing this, and every time I beat the old record. Now I think this world record will stay for a long time!”

“I am hoping this will open new doors for me in my career to as an entertainer,” he smiled. “I will use all chances to do good things and help people in difficult situations.”

“My toughest challenge was to stay awake and to keep my voice going all the time,” he added. “I would like to be the only person to perform at the South and North Pole, and the deepest and highest places possible on Earth.”

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