America’s State of the Border Under Biden

Who were the founders of US border security?

Who helped destroy border security?


Which Republican is America’s most dangerous regarding illegal immigration?

Hint: He is from Texas!

How much are deportations down of illegal aliens since President Trump began his first full year of border protection in 2018?

What is the Biden Administration doing to protect our borders from invasion?


What is a major result of Biden’s neglect?

How effective has border security been under Biden policy?



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  1. Sadly, Cornyn keeps getting re-elected not because he is doing such a bang-up job but because of the R (what a joke) in front of his name and name recognition.

    So many see Cornyn on the ballot and think, “Well, he keeps getting elected. Must be doing something right?” and they check off his block on the voting machine. I think his most recent issue was to survey what the safety issues were at the Ft Worth zoo. Hard hitting stuff. And who can sleep at night when there are so many reforms needed for ticket purchasing? Not to worry! Cornyn has your back!

    You would think with all these stellar accomplishments that he would be thinking about retiring so he could live out his days strolling the beach in socks & sandals with a metal detector.

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