States With Most Law Enforcement Fatalities in 2022 Revealed

Texas experienced the largest number of law enforcement officer fatalities of all U.S. states in 2022, with 33 line-of-duty deaths.

  • New York had the second highest number with 12 officer deaths.
  • California and Georgia had the third highest number with 11 officer deaths each.
  • Tennessee had the fourth highest number with 10 officer deaths.
  • North Carolina, Alabama, and Florida had the sixth highest number with 9 officer deaths each.
  • In addition, 11 federal officers, 1 military, and 1 tribal officer died in 2022. 14 states and the U.S. Territories did not lose an officer in 2022.


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  1. Do I respect Police? Yes.
    Do I respect Police because they are Police? No.
    Respect is Earned, not granted on a profession.

    Do Police cause the death of Innocent People? Yes. One of the worst cases was a man approaching an officer because he needed directions, and the officer felt threatened by his approach and shot and killed an innocent unarmed man.

    The Following Video is a Prank. DO NOT PRANK COPS. EVER.
    But that being said, I have observations about this well known YouTuber Pranking Cops.

    Giving Cops A Buzz! – PRANK

    The Black Cops seem, overall, much more relaxed, and because of this they are valuable assets to the Police Force and Community. They likely are going to be more flexible in these interactions. Yet one Black Cop rightfully grabs the bag, gingerly, and looks inside. That officer was 100% correct to do that, he had no idea what was in the bag, it could have been a weapon or destructive device.

    Position Statements on Law Enforcement Response to Potentially Dangerous Dogs

    Police have on occasion been very harmful to Dogs that were safely secured on the property or that were otherwise in their home, barking, but not threatening. One officer in a home pulled his gun to shoot the family dog that was barking at him, and missed, hitting a 4 year old girl in the leg.

    Another women, dog and toddler in tow, waking down the street after a domestic, was shot and killed by the office when he attempted to kill her dog, wounding it, and the officer fell on the ice, and in doing so, pulled the trigger and killed the woman. The dog was treated, determined not to be aggressive, and returned to the father.

    22 of the Most Dangerous Jobs in the US

    We adulate Law Enforcement for their losses, while ignoring the losses in other fields necessary to sustain our style of living and enjoyment. Arguably Deep Sea Fishing is one of the most dangerous jobs, we don’t need Crabs and Lobsters. Yet we enjoy eating them, and someone needs to catch them and bring them in.

    That said, I do not support Defunding the Police, I support Respecting the Police, more so ones that earn that respect. Last night, near my community, this happened:

    Suspect shot in exchange of gunfire with police in Homestead; 2 officers injured

    If it seems Lawless with Police, what would society appear like without the Police? The story linked to above involved Police from Homestead, Munhall, Pittsburgh, likely West Mifflin, and the Railroad Tracks were shut down, the Homestead Bridge was Shut Down, and they were bringing in Blood Hounds to try and find the man they were after, a black man with dreadlocks and wearing mostly white clothes. They didn’t find him, but it wasn’t for lack of effort. Without the police, and without the ability to muster such a response, crime and terrorism would be the norm and not the exception. Best Regards to the Men and Women that are Officers of the Law.

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