Texas Senate Votes Yes on Parents-Children-Educators Amendment

   Texas voters may decide two constitutional amendments regarding the relationship between parents, children, and educators come November.

The Texas Senate recently approved Senate Joint Resolutions 29 (SJR 29) and 70 (SJR 70), described by proponents as parental rights amendments, which are now pending before the House. If approved, they will appear on the November ballot.

Texas political votes by county, 2022.

Proposed amendments must receive a two-thirds vote in each legislative chamber before heading to the ballot for a public vote. That equals 21 votes in the Senate.

  • SJR 29 would establish a state constitutional right for parents to direct their children’s education, access public school teaching materials, attend school board meetings, and access the child’s student health records.
    • The Republican Party of Texas, Texas Home School Coalition, and Texas Private Schools Association support the amendment.
    • The Texas NAACP, Texas State Teachers Association, and Texas AFL-CIO oppose it.
    • SJR 29 passed the Senate 21-10, with two Democrats joining 19 Republicans to clear the two-thirds threshold required for approval of constitutional amendments. 
  • SJR 70 would establish a state constitutional right for parents to exercise care, control, and custody of their child, including decisions regarding education, moral and religious training, and healthcare.
    • Sen. Bryan Hughes (R), the amendment’s sponsor, said SJR 70 would “ensure the longevity of these rights by taking them from case law, which can change … at any time, and adding them to the Texas Constitution.”
    • The Texas Parent-Teacher Association opposes the amendment.
    • SJR 70 passed 28-3, with all but three Democrats voting in favor.

Republicans control both chambers, but not with veto-proof majorities. This means any proposed constitutional amendment must also receive support from Democrats.

This means in the House, where an amendment needs 100 votes to pass, at least 14 Democrats must join the chamber’s 86 Republicans in order to place these amendments on the November ballot.

Officials have not yet scheduled the next steps for these proposals, but they will move to a House committee before facing a full floor vote. The legislative session ends on May 29.


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  1. That Parental Rights need to be legislatively asserted shows how far this country has declined. Age to buy a Firearm, Shotgun or Rifle, more so “Assault Rifles” was proposed to be increased from 18 to 21, since 18 year olds are not responsible enough to correctly handle the gun. Yet age required for Gender Transitioning is moving younger and younger. And largely, the destruction of choosing Gender Transitioning before one is old enough to make circumspect decisions will be far worse than allowing most 18 year olds to buy a “so called” assault rifle.

    Granting Parents Rights that I was never aware that the parents officially lost is worthy, but frightening that it is needed. Hope these Bills become law and other states emulate them.

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