Is History Repeating Itself Against Deep State Democrats & RINOS?

In ancient Rome, a group of men loyal to the Republic feared that Julius Caesar was going to make his dictatorship permanent and establish a monarchy.

In 44 BC. they decided to assassinate him, thereby restoring the Republic.

In the ensuing chaos, and power vacuum, Caesar’s great nephew Octavius quickly rose to the top, assumed power, and permanently ended the Republic by establishing a de facto monarchy.

After Caesar’s death, it came out that he had never intended to create a monarchical system. The conspirators brought about precisely what they had tried to stop.

In 19th century India under British colonial rule, authorities decided there were too many venomous cobras in the streets of Delhi, making life uncomfortable for the British residents and their families.

To solve this, they offered a reward for every dead cobra residents would bring in. Soon, enterprising locals began to breed cobras in order to make a living from the bounty. The government caught on to this and canceled the program.

The breeders, resentful of the rulers and angered by their actions, decided to release their cobras back on the streets, thereby tripling the population from before the government program.

Other notorious examples would include:

• The 18th amendment establishing prohibition in the United States in 1920, which was designed to stop the spread of alcoholism but only ended up increasing alcohol consumption by a substantial amount.

•The surprise attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese in 1941, designed to decimate the US. Naval force in one blow and bring America to its knees.

Instead, it shook the American public out of its deep isolationism, ensuring the total mobilization of the country’s superior manpower and resources to not only defeat the Japanese, but also to obliterate its military for good.

The very success of the attack guaranteed the opposite of the intended result, Robert Greene writes in the Laws of Human Nature.



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  1. Yes, the Deep State is killing itself. The Deep State exposed itself and is now destroying itself. Reminds me of the Book of Esther in the Bible: Haman built a gallows for Mordecai, but soon was hanging from his own gallows.
    Here is a video you may want to see. It is Pastor Win Worley talking about deliverance and destroying the roots of Babylon. Between 20:10 and 22:00, he talks about the Reagan Election and the Reagan Assassination Attempt. I believe there are parallels between the JFK Assassination and the Reagan Assassination Attempt: two key players: LBJ and George H.W. Bush.
    Destroying the Roots of Babylon – Pastor Win Worley

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