6 Innocent People Died & Big Media More Concerned About Protecting Transgenders

Killer’s manifesto & toxicology report remain secret

Why is it that Big Media and Democrat politicians are going bat crazy out of their way to protect, preserve and propagandize transgenderism?

CBS News top executives banned their staff from using the word “transgender” in reporting on the Nashville Christian school murders in spite of the fact that police announced killer Audrey Hale was transgender and that this was considered to be an important point in the case.

“The shooter’s gender identity has not been confirmed by CBS News,” said a staff memo from the network’s top executives obtained by The New York Post. “As such, we should avoid any mention of it as it has no known relevance to the case.”

This is just more proof that CBS News is following the lead of so many other fake news propagandists.

The social media response to the manifesto from the transgendered killer is enormous.

“Right now we advise saying: POLICE IDENTIFIED THE SUSPECT AS A 28-YEAR-OLD AUDREY HALE, WHO THEY SHOT AND KILLED AT THE SCENE,” reads the memo. “And move on to focus on other important points of the investigation, community and solutions.”

The directive was ordered on Tuesday morning during an editorial call by Ingrid Cirprian-Matthews, vice president of news gathering; and Claudia Milne, the senior vice president of standards and practices.

“This is absurd because the police identified Hale as transgender,” a CBS insider told the New York Post. “If the cops didn’t address it, maybe you could avoid it but withholding information is not journalism.”

Biden’s press secretary responds.
The Biden White House quickly posts this on their sites, but reaction was overwhelmingly critical.

The source said the top CBS executives appeared to be “twisting themselves in knots” their efforts to censor the reporting due to their own “liberal bias,” which the source called a “disservice” to the network’s viewers.

“You need to look at all the facts of the case,” the source noted. “Everyone should be invested in understanding what happened. I don’t know how you do that without understanding the full scope of the situation.”

The Christian victims.


While White House & Media screams epidemic against transgenderism, vast majority of America isn’t buying the propaganda.


No one is mentioning the killer’s toxicology report or the manifesto.



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