List of Helpline Numbers to Call if You Are in a Crisis

If you are in crisis, get immediate help:

  • Call 911

Find a health care provider or treatment for substance use disorder and mental health



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  1. Still having marital issues, though she’s agreed to go to Marriage Counseling, beginning a little more than a week from now.

    I have had the opportunity to correspond with a few women, it’s amazing the issues their husbands have had (if I corresponded with men, I’m sure the wives would also be revealed as having issues). One, widowed, said she’s had issues for over 40 years with her husband, claiming they wondered if he was Bi-Polar. Another woman’s husband fell in love, online, with a Filipino woman, and was sending her his love and money. He divorced his wife of over 45 years, and intends to go to the Philippines to be with his Filipino Cinderella. The only person that thinks there’s actually a quarter century younger woman that adores her husband is her husband.

    I actually think that cognitive changes in people in their late 50s and early to mid 60s are from diminished blood flow to the brain (atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis), alteration in brain size (shrinkage with age), excesses in Alcohol and drug use, Psychological issues, and more.

    Stress can manifest in many ways. I have a relative, my niece’s son, that has Tourette Syndrome. (“Tourette (too-RET) syndrome is a disorder that involves repetitive movements or unwanted sounds (tics) that can’t be easily controlled”). It appears I share that trait. When my brother developed dementia (he left his wife, was living with a younger woman, got fired from a administrative job at a liberal university, and died within a year or so of diagnosis) I developed a Tic. When you’re worried about dementia, and you suddenly have a Tic, it’s not a comforting thing. My tic is brief vocal outbursts that may seem like a stifled cough, or may be so loud I’m curious why the neighbors didn’t call the police (I’m in a new neighborhood, I spoke to my neighbor about my Tic, as when his wife passed at home, someone we also knew, the Tic became active). As I’m making the loud Tic, I have the distinct impression part of my mind is asking “what’s wrong with this guy?” There is nothing conscious about the Tic. Strangely enough, during my ongoing marital issues, the Tic is at it’s minimum for the largest part.

    So, Help Hotlines are very important. With my brother’s dementia, I became depressed, had odd thoughts (not violent thoughts), went to a Psychologist the company uses for distressed employees (I can’t remember the name of the program, but I wasn’t compelled to go to him, but the service was there for anyone needing it). He dismissed my strange thoughts as stress, told me he had a patient he thought had dementia, but the patient was prescribed (by a doctor) antidepressant medications, and in weeks, combined with therapy, was back to normal cognitively. I took weeks, also on an antidepressant (an older kind), known for inducing sleep. I only took 1/2 of what was prescribed, and at work one day, still working normally (I wasn’t off work for depression), I startled myself when I laughed at someone’s joke, and from that point on, improvements were made quickly.

    Hope my candor is of help to someone, I related it so others can see they are not alone.

    DON’T GIVE UP – Motivational Speech

    Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush – Don’t Give Up (Version 2) (1986)

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    • So very sorry you are going through this. I had a cousin who went through this for a good whole but was eventually helped with medication & counseling. That’s been over a decade ago. She’s approaching 70 & has been fine.
      Good luck & blessings. You’re an smart man and hope things improve for you.

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