Target, Other Retailers Issue These Product Recalls

 Target announced the launch of a new company-owned brand called Favorite Day in March 2021.

On February 14, 2023, one of the product line’s manufacturers announced a voluntary recall of one of its items to avert a possible medical emergency due to labeling issues.

The recall involves Milk Chocolate Covered Caramels with Nonpareils distributed to Target stores.

The company, Silvestri Sweets, issued the recall due to a labeling issue involving an “undeclared pecan allergen.”

The announcement explained that individuals who suffer from allergies to tree nuts could experience a “serious or life-threatening” reaction if they consume the product.

The candies are in 8-ounce stand-up pouches with an image of the chocolates on a pink background on the lower half of the package. The bags included in the voluntary recall include lot number 33822 with a best-by date of 07 DEC 2023 stamped below the UPC barcode on the back of the package.

The announcement advised that the company initiated the recall after discovering the product was distributed in pouches that failed to list the presence of tree nuts as an ingredient.

A subsequent internal investigation revealed a “temporary breakdown in the company’s… packaging process” may have caused the labeling issue.

Customers with questions about the recall can contact Silvestri Sweets Target Relations at 1-630-232-2500 or 1-800-440-0680, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. until 4:40 p.m. CST.

Likewise, consumers who purchased the recalled item can contact Target Guest Relations 24/7 at 1-800-440-0680 for a refund.


● January:  Snack Innocations Inc. voluntarily recalled some batches of its Drizzilicious brand mini rice cake bites and drizzled popcorn sold nationwide due to “undeclared peanut residue.”

●February: Daiso California, LLC pulled two dozen snack food items from stores across six states, including chocolate, crackers, cookies, teas, and ramen.

● Pepsico Inc. recalled the Starbucks frappuccino vanilla drinks it produces for the iconic chain of cafes. The move was part of an ongoing recall that was originally initiated on Jan. 28, ultimately affecting 25,200 cases that were shipped nationwide.


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  1. Wow. Not deliberate,eh? A couple of weeks ago I bought some peanut M&M’s, and being me, I read the ingredients. There was something new listed: “Contains Bioengineered Ingredients.” Remember how they said they were going to add the jab ingredients to the food? They landed in the woodstove.


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