What’s New at Dollywood for 2023?

 Here is what’s new in Dollywood for 2023:

1. Big Bear Mountain Roller Coaster

Dollywood entrance sign

Dollywood is making history with the installment of its largest investment to date!

Big Bear Mountain will be the newest roller coaster at the popular theme park in the Smoky Mountains.

The coaster will not only be the biggest roller coaster in the park but the most high-tech as well!

As you ride the unique coaster in the Wildwood Grove area of the park, there will be onboard audio and music to amplify the experience.

Riders will join Ned Oakley, Wildwood Grove’s resident explorer, on a search party for Big Bear.  Climb in Ned’s four-wheel drive SUVs and get ready for so many twists and turns!

It’s the first coaster at the park that will feature on-board audio and will have 23 different butterfly moments along the ride, more than any other in the park. There is also a waterfall feature that the coaster will fly through, and so much more.

The brand new Dollywood roller coaster is an expansion of Wildwood Grove, which opened in 2019 and is the park’s most successful addition to date!

2. New Operating Calendar

Dollywood, in 2023, is expanding the operating calendar for the season. This means you now have the opportunity to visit 15 more days this season than last year! What makes it even greater is both season pass holders and Dollywood guests can take advantage of the additional days! The theme park added 15 extra days throughout the year and will be open every day in June and July. This is big news and gives you more days to enjoy festivals and other Dollywood events this year! 


3. New Season Passes 

The popular theme park has adjusted its season passes.

There are now 4 season passes to choose from including the Silver Season Pass, Gold Season Pass, Diamond Pass, and Splash Country Season Pass.

●The Silver Season Pass provides unlimited visits to Dollywood except for November 24th to January 6th. You can also receive 2 free tickets for a friend.

●The Gold Season Pass does not have exceptions to unlimited visits. You will also receive free parking and access to Golden Hours and Golden Events.

●The Diamond Season Pass gives you unlimited visits to both Dollywood Theme Park and Splash Country! More benefits include generous discounts on merchandise and food in the theme park.

●The last season pass, Splash Country Season Pass can be added to a Silver or Gold Pass.

Dollywood Theme Park offers a combination of amusement park rides. This includes wild thrill rides for the action seekers to mild options such as a carousel, water rides options, interactive motion rides, and new additions constantly being added.

Live entertainment changes each season offering a wide variety of options in several large theaters in the park including musical talents best known for the Southern Gospel selections.

Skills of Smoky Mountain traditional style artists display their talents and crafts including wood carving, glass blowing, iron and metal blacksmith, jewelry making, and more with some being seasonally displayed.

Southern cooking can be found at it’s best with restaurants and food vendors all throughout the park.

Known as the Friendliest Theme Park, Dollywood entertains, accommodates, and offers options for a full day of fun for the youngest to the oldest members of your family.



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