President Trump Reveals His New Plan to End Crime in America

America’s 45th President Donald J. Trump on Monday revealed a new 2024 Presidential campaign video detailing his new plan to end rising crime in the US and give law enforcement the resources they need to restore law and order.

In just two years under the Biden administration, violent crime in America has dramatically increased in major cities and is expanding into the suburbs as George Soros paid for left-wing district attorneys grow increasingly softer on prosecuting crimes.

In the video, the 45th President called American cities “cesspools of bloodshed and crime,” and vowed to sign an investment in police forces for hiring, training, and liability protection.

Trump added that he will “insist that local jurisdictions return to proven common sense police measures such as stop and frisk” in order to get the federal funding.

See Video Here

“Third, we will go after the radical Marxist prosecutors who are abolishing cash bail, refusing to charge crimes, and surrendering our cities to violent criminals,” Trump said, adding that he will investigate Democrat district attorneys for illegally engaging in “race-based enforcement of the law.”




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