What are the Homeschooling Requirements of All 50 States?

In the United States, it’s perfectly legal to homeschool. But each state has its own particular regulations, laws, and requirements. For example, some states require annual standardized testing while other states leave that choice to the parents. Many states offer loose guidelines for what to teach but leave the curriculum choices and instructional methods up to the family. In some states, homeschoolers have to attend school for a set number of days while others are not obligated to keep attendance records at all.

Besides saying it’s legal and popular to homeschool, there’s not much else you can say about homeschooling that would apply nationwide. Whether you’re planning a move or wondering what your home state requires, this guide will get you started on the path to homeschooling responsibly—and legally —in all 50 states.

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What state has the most lenient homeschool laws?

Good news! The majority of states are considered low regulation. These states have fewer reporting mechanisms, greater freedom afforded to parents, and laxer rules about officially declaring yourself a homeschooler. While the laws vary widely, these states overall are quite accommodating to homeschoolers. 

What is the hardest state to homeschool in?

The New England region is where you find the toughest areas to homeschool. The states marked with this icon below  are the hardest states to homeschool in.

That is, the homeschooling requirements by state for these five have a relatively high level of regulation overseeing homeschoolers. It doesn’t mean that homeschooling itself is more difficult. Teaching math is still teaching math no matter where you are. It’s just that in these five states there are more hoops to jump through by way of guidelines, paperwork, and accountability. But there are thriving communities of homeschoolers in these states, so don’t let the regulations stop you if you think your children would benefit from a custom, at-home education.

Homeschooling in America, State by State

The following list of homeschooling requirements by state is a work in progress, so it is best to check Sonlight in weeks to come for additional state pages. The entire list should be complete by the end of 2023. Click on your state below to view the homeschooling requirements.

Please note that while this information has been carefully researched, laws do change. So always check with a state’s department of education for the most up-to-date and official information.


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