Woke Disney is Asleep at the Wheel

The woke culture of Disney just experienced another box office bomb. Their “Strange World” movie is advertised as a gay teen romance, it features biracial marriage, almost no one in the movie is White, and it’s loaded with Climate Change propaganda.

The movie cost $180 million to make, and took in a unbelievably low $4 million over the Thanksgiving weekend, which is historically one of the biggest movie release dates of any year.

The week before, the Walt Disney Company lost about $24 billion in market cap on Friday, November 17, 2022.

They quickly announced that Bob Chapek is OUT as Disney CEO and was replaced by PREVIOUS CEO Bob Iger.

Wokeness = Asleep at the Wheel


This was the struggling business empire’s worst stock price loss since 2001–the year of the September 11th attacks.

Since the beginning of the year, Disney stock has dropped 44 percent –so far in 2022.

They have lost over $4 billion just from its streaming service during Fiscal Year 2022

Disney continues to struggle with ongoing problems with its theme parks and films, as well as their Disney+ streaming service that has exclusive rights to Disney movies and TV shows.

Disney’s corporate officers keep blaming these losses on just about everyone but themselves. Most recently they have attempted to reassure their anxious investors that an upcoming price increase, amidst the Biden recession and an inflationary crisis, is negatively affecting entertainment budgets.

Leadership plans an ‘ad-tier’ that offers limited content with advertising to help stop the profuse financial bleeding.

Signs of their self-imposed wokeness dilemma is not a new phenomenon. By April 2022 stock was down 71%, and park attendance decreased 54%.

Disney Plus continues suffering massive numbers (520,000+) of cancelled subscriptions.


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  1. If you call your company family friendly and make lousy movies and television shows featuring “wokies” and tree huggers, then this fall from grace is to be expected. Walt Disney was a conservative man with an exceptionally creative mind. His family has ruined his dream and legacy in a few decades. The downfall started with Eisner who put profits ahead of entertainment.

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  2. I think we are seeing with Disney the same thing that affects Twitter. They are afraid to figuratively rise up against their own. Liberals, ecstatic that Conservatives were edged out of expressing their views on Twitter, are incensed when liberals are edged out, claiming it’s an act of violence. Disney seems to perceive that the left would be better at destroying them than the Right. And the Right needs to avoid them to the greatest degree possible, as they are making decisions and statements diametrically opposed to many of the values of the Right.

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