Biden’s Military is Failing and Recruitment is a Disaster

It is not just your local restaurant or grocery store that are having difficulties hiring. All U.S. military branches are in dire straits with their recruiting efforts too.

Talking heads, propagandists and those afraid of revealing the truth are mentioning every reason they can think of to blame.

The reality is, these are major causes:

🔹the historically embarrassing Joe Biden public disaster of withdrawing our forces from Afghanistan,

🔹mandated dangerous bioweapon jabs (COVID-19 ‘Vaccinations’),

🔹social engineering wokeness,

🔹deep mistrust of the federal government, including the Department of Defense.

Their solution to these threatening problems seem to be just throwing more taxpayer money at it while neglecting the realities.

Last summer the Army and the Navy increased their bonuses for recruits to an all-time high of $50,000. It didn’t help. Neither does restructuring recruiting efforts and much more advertising.

Here is where the real work is needed:

The Afghanistan Debacle

When deceased soldiers came home, Biden was more interested in the time than he was listening to a heartbroken mother.

It doesn’t help military recruitment for young Americans to see television commercials soliciting donations for wounded, homeless and jobless veterans.

Forced ‘Vaccines’ and Big Pharma Influences

The list of top largest defense contractors for America in Fiscal Year 2021 tells the story best (especially 5, 9, and 10).

1. Lockheed Martin Corp.
Obligations: $40.2B

2. Boeing Co.
Obligations: $22.1B

3. Raytheon Technologies Corp.
Obligations: $20.7B

4. General Dynamics Corp.
Obligations: $17.8B

5. Pfizer Inc.
Obligations: $13.3B

6. Northrop Grumman Corp.
Obligations: $12.9B

7. Huntington Ingalls Industries Inc.
Obligations: $7.4B

8. Humana Inc.
Obligations: $7.1B

9. Moderna Inc.
Obligations: $6.9B

10. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Obligations: $5.6B

The DOD’s own new Prescription Medication Reporting System, reveals negative Big Pharma influences.

The disqualifying large numbers of applicants due to young people’s widespread prescribed use of psychotropic drugs is skyrocketing. About 1 in 12 youth ages 12-17 are on such medications today.

Social Engineering Wokeism

🔹Public schools emphasize Critical Race Theory, Drag Queen led sex education, required Woke book reading curriculum and liberal indoctrination.

🔹Prayer in schools, the Pledge of Allegiance, American History, Patriotism and Civics take a back seat to social engineering.

Major Mistrust

A recent Gallup poll showed that between 2017 and 2022, Americans who believe military officers possess “high ethics” declined by a full 10 points, down to 61 percent, the lowest since they began measuring.

Military recruiting goals set for 2022 have missed the mark by 26%. The DOD is staying low key but the cold hard reality is a combined 200,000+ service members from all branches ended their terms of service (ETS) in 2022. In 2021, that number was near 195,000–way above normal trends.

The problem is so bad that the Biden 2023 defense budget reduces the size of the Army by 12,000 soldiers. It isn’t that the Army doesn’t need those soldiers—senior leaders have consistently said the Army is too small. The reason for the cut is that the Army projects that they won’t be able to recruit enough people to meet their quotas.

It is not just the Army. None of the services are meeting their recruiting goals.

More than once, military has turned their backs on Biden. What does this tell you?


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  1. Jack, I figured it out.

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    In any case, I reduce your URL, in this case, to the following, the beginning of the URL is omitted here to prevent it from leaving a link, but compare the above and following URL segments to understand my point.


    The Blog is perfectly on point, I think Biden is here to destroy America. One son, very liberal, thinks Putin is a dictator, but is apparently fine with Biden rigging elections. I told him I was ready (not really, but just a conversation item) to go live in Russia (I have relatives I’ve never met in nations bordering Russia, my wife uses a Translator and Facebook to talk to them), they seem to be living a life characteristic of America years ago. No homosexual/abortion/environmental protests, one could do things without feeling guilty or privileged. But he obsesses about Putin and Russia. My son has has the vaccine, 2 shots, and 2 boosters, and he also had covid, after being vaccinated, so why continue to get the shots? Grrr!

    Liked by 1 person

      • My son will be 48 in a few months. I’m not sure why he keeps getting boosters. He had covid after having received both the initial shots.

        My youngest had the original covid, recovered, and his wife’s sister is a doctor, she advised my son and wife to get the vaccine, I personally think that was dangerous. I saw an article by a cardiologist that recommended 6 months after infection, “and” a blood test at that 6 months point to be sure the antibody response was below a point before getting vaccinated. Technically they should have been immune already. My youngest and his wife were sick. Fever, for my son, very tired and loss of smell and taste for both. I gave him 10 N-95s, they have 2 children, my son and his wife kept as distant as possible and wore the N-95 when being close was necessary. Kids never got sick, or didn’t show symptoms.

        Sorry for the confusing posts today, I re-used an open Text Editor, forgot those links were at the top, wrote my findings to you, and did a “Select All” rather than just selecting my reply to you.

        I reproduced the Preview part on my WordPress Account. Thought I’d tell you my findings.


  2. Not a problem. Just so saddened to see what appears to be a beginning of a tsunami of serious injuries and deaths from the jabs. I’m getting so much personal testimonials from friends, relatives, readers etc of big upticks in the number of deaths from jabs.

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