Runbeck, Hobbs and Arizona Ballots Signature Verification Woes Revealed

In the November 8, 2022 general election, Maricopa County, Arizona  reported that 1,311,734 of the 1,562,758 or nearly 84 percent of all ballots cast were early votes which required a lawful signature matching must be completed.

Even the Ninth Circuit Court stated in the lawsuit Arizona Democratic Party v. Hobbs that “Arizona requires early voters to return their ballots along with a signed ballot affidavit in order to guard against voter fraud.”

The State of Arizona Elections Procedures Manual (EPM) for 2019 that prescribes that Hobbs, as Secretary of State, had rules for running an election with no provision for qualifying or certifying the equipment that their chosen third-party vendor uses for ballot signature verification in Maricopa County.

The third party vendor is Runbeck Election Services, a Phoenix based company that is known for their ballot printing and election services in suspect and controversial jurisdictions such as Fulton County, Georgia.

Kevin Runbeck

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said the proper authentication of signatures is “currently the most important election integrity measure when it comes to early ballots.”

The matching verification in signatures between the affidavit and the voter’s registration record is a legal requirement of election workers in the office of County Recorder Stephen Richer. It must be done to be counted.

Sec. of State Brad Raffensberger worked to get Runbeck in Georgia elections

One of my favorite reporters, because of her integrity and attention to detail is Laura Baigert, a senior reporter for Star News Services. The Tennessee Star and Georgia Star have had exemplary coverage on voter fraud Here is what she recently reported:

The 2019 EPM specifies logic and accuracy testing for optical and digital scan voting equipment. While the voting equipment uniquely must attribute votes correctly, some of the other required testing could be applied to the signature scanning process. For example, such testing could include as a minimum, precision in the quality of the scanned signature, a warning to the operator of a missed or duplicated physical or digital signature and confirmation that all scanned signatures ended up in the automated batch system.

Once the county recorder’s office reviews the signatures sent from Runbeck and determines whether the affidavit has a good signature, no signature, questionable signature, needs a packet or any other determination, the dispositions are sent to Runbeck.

Runbeck then sorts the ballot packets based on the recorder’s office dispositions and puts each disposition type into smaller physical batches of approximately 250 pieces per batch.

Further testing could be performed on the transfer of dispositions from the recorder’s office to Runbeck to ensure that the vendor receives accurate information for the essential sorting function.

A final check, unrelated to equipment, should verify that the batches received at the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center (MCTEC) facility from Runbeck correspond to the dispositions from the recorder’s office.

Even if the state were to have a procedure to qualify the signature scanning equipment used by Runbeck and Maricopa County, that would still leave a gaping hole in the qualification of the overall process of ballot handling and the complex chain of custody associated with mail-in ballots.

The fact is the EPM devotes less than 25 pages to ensuring the accuracy of the voting equipment, even though Arizona relies almost exclusively on machines for elections, and does not seem to even contemplate the use of equipment for the critical signature verification process.

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  1. We are barking up the wrong tree. The discussion about ” verify signature” should not be part of the process in elections. Too many ballots dumped into the system and too much funny business on signature verification

    Most important legal documents are signed and verified by witness

    When going to polls the ID is checked b4 getting ballot. The ballot does not leave the voting station

    Absent voters need to have verified reason for receiving ballot ( picked up? Mailed? ) and show ID
    When receiving. If mailed I assume return receipt?

    If ballot will be mailed in or dropped in box outside the voting facility the legal document should be required to be notarized

    A ballot should be treated like any other important legal document. The signature verification should be done after every election as part if a standard election audit under the peoples supervision not the vote counters supervision.

    Vote counters should not be incharge or participate in auditing their own work. They should have no say in this process

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    • Looks like kari lake will not get to see the envelopes

      The center piece of the fraud has always centered on the mail in ballot

      What makes the ballot a legal binding contract is the signature

      There are many other facets to the fraud and they are all interesting but the signature exposes the fraud for a court

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  2. Thank you. I like the meme about none dropping food or water to help Americans if we fall as a nation. We have already leaned as far as we can without just that happening. To many people take for granted those who have and do and continue to fight for freedom despite the sacrifice. I have fought to exhaustion. I am 61. It is not my turn to be a martyr. It is my turn to find that shade tree to sit beneath while I await the arrival of my last day of life. Until then, I only look to God for man has no conscious.

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