So Why is There So Much More Talk About ‘The End of Times?’

Have you noticed lately more conversations, correspondence and posts about the end of times?

It seems that during all of my life there has been commentary, and even political cartoons, indicating “The End Is Near.”

Many of our readers respond daily in our comment sections (below each article), and on our other corresponding social media (Gab, Gettr, Twitter, Parlor, Pinterest, etc.) about how the evil is growing worse, day by day.

Just a brief glance back of a few years ago compared with what we see today in movies, TV, magazines, and even advertising proves that more and more sexually explicit images are appearing and with more and more vulgarity.

The obvious social engineering and propaganda has increased the signs that things in the world are certainly going “from bad to worse” and many are being deceived into thinking, its normal, when it’s absolutely not.

In this very last book or letter ever written by the apostle Paul, he warns Timothy (and by extension, us) that the last days are going to be bad…growing worse and worse, day by day.

Some interpreters point to every earthquake, every political upheaval, every military attack, government lawlessness and pandemics controlled with Big Pharma as sure signs that the end times are rapidly approaching.

While the events may signal the approach of the last days, they are not necessarily indicators that the end times have arrived. Paul warned that the last days would bring a marked increase in false teaching.

“The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons” (1 Timothy 4:1). The last days are described as “perilous times” because of the increasingly evil character of man and people who actively “oppose the truth

That day has now come when people don’t want to be corrected, rebuked, and reproved so they seek out teachers who will give them what they want to hear but not what they need to hear.

Sadly, they will fall further and further away from the truth and from the faith that was once delivered and bring in a different gospel, which is really no gospel at all.

We had all better be in the Word so that we can more easily discern truth from error.

From 2 Timothy 3:1-7 we learn from our Bible that in the LAST DAYS, people will be:

1. Lovers of their own selves (Conceited).

2. Covetous (Scammers).

3. Boasters.

4. Proud.

5. Blasphemers.

6. Unthankful

7. Unholy.

8. Without natural affection (Compassionate).

9. Trucebreakers.

10. False Accusers (Liars).

11. Incontinent (lacking self control).

12. Fierce.

13.Despisers of those that are good.

14. Traitors.

15. Heady (Reckless).

16. Highminded.

17. Lovers of pleasures more than lovers of our Most High.

18. Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof.

19. Led away with diverse lusts.

20. Ever learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the Truth.


In God We Trust

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  1. In my research I have found many disturbing realities. Yet, amid them comes the knee high cow dung that tells us daily we are going to die. Today, I look around my home, my community, and realize my reality is at peace. I can shop for groceries without getting mugged. I can enjoy my time with whatever I decide normally without violence. I do wonder what it must be like for those who wait for someone to describe to them what their reality is compared to what they believe it to be. Mine, despite reality, is peaceful beyond my own personal battles. Thank you.

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    • Good to hear. Hope you maintain that perspective of peace as our world becomes increasingly difficult to live in. The Bible says it will get tougher to stand against all the evil and corruption we find everywhere these days. Especially for those who seek to live truthfully by reading and obeying God’s Word. So that whenever the End Times do come, we’re already on the right path and we only need to continue following His leading. I find so much peace in knowing God is in control now and to the end of time. 💜

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  2. right on brother and sister, i see lots of false teachings going on with main stream evangelists, this is sad but it is written this will happen. the big one i see is them teaching we are all forgiven or our sins if we believe in YESHUA our savior, that is right but what they forget to mention is you cannot continue to sin you must REPENT, YESHUA made this clear, that is the key to success repentance, turn around, stop sinning. another big key of the end time is YESHUAS parable of the fig tree, most people miss it, it is most important, check it out. bless you guys and GODSPEED

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  3. Well, it does look like the end, because the devil is trying to make it happen now; he’s always overplaying his hand. But we are overcoming him this time; this is not his time. That doesn’t mean there will not be evil and battles, but we have work to do for awhile yet, spreading the Gospel everywhere and seeing God’s Kingdom really taking root. The devil gets his last hurrah later, and all those signs in Revelation will happen then. We are just getting a foretaste. Years ago I saw a poster of a cartoon that might be by the same person who did the one at the top of the article. It was of a prophet in robes and beard with a sandwich sign, probably in New York City. It read, “The End Is Not Yet. You Must Learn To Cope.” We are there.

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  4. The insanity that has taken control of our media, our schools, our government, and even our churches, is completely sanctioned by the Democratic Party and its allies. And it’s deliberate. The party deliberately exploits LGBTQ+ against Christians. Ditto blacks against whites. Women against men. Illegals against lawful citizens. The insane against the normal. Criminals against law-abiding people. The politicians against The People. As long as they keep creating chaos and keep us fighting against each other, they win. They maintain control. And we are the fools who go along with it. It’s a choice WE make. WE are bringing about our own end times.

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