Citizens Set to Protest Drag Queen Show For All Ages at Texas Cities Tour

A touring drag queen show advertising it is “open for all ages” is expected to be met with protest resistance in downtown San Antonio, Texas on Tuesday, December 13, 2022 outside the historical Aztec Theater.

With 18 planned stops remaining on their 36 stage show schedule, the tour features performers identifying themselves as “Crystal Methyd, Silky Ganache, Jimbo the Drag Clown, and other drag queens.


Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson released a letter to various churches across the city, prior to the November 29th show there.

Claiming there was nothing she nor the city council could do to shut down the event or prevent children from attending, the mayor said she was “praying that those who don’t know Jesus or His grace will meet Him in Amarillo and be changed forever. I hope you will pray with me for these things.”

Although there were citizen protesters outside the event, they were countered by a group from Austin outside the Amarillo Globe News Center, where the event took place.

Meanwhile, various Texas based family organizations are reacting.

THE TEXAS FAMILY PROJECT indicates, “The Left is relentlessly fighting to dismantle the traditional family as we know it:

🔹attacking parental rights,

🔹confusing children about changing their gender, 

🔹undermining parents’ ability to protect their children’s innocence,

🔹indoctrinating instead of educating our children in school.”

“Not only are drag shows a perversion of the natural creation of man and woman, now we have this perversion creeping into our sacred holidays where we celebrate the birth of the Messiah,” said the organizations president, Chris Hopper. “This debauchery and chaos has no place in any religious environment nor involving any sacred holiday. This is yet another low in the world of perverted grown men adding nothing to our society but rather taking away from it.”

“This is SICK,” said former White House physician and U.S. Congressman Ronny Jackson (R-TX). “Children SHOULD NOT be allowed to attend events like this. This needs to be SHUT DOWN immediately!”

The “Texas Freedom Force,” a nonprofit organization that works to preserve Texas history and fights for Texans’ rights are also working against the tour. Their motto is “Protector of all things Texas”

Aztec Theater


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  1. that is one of the reasons i do not like going to Sherwood forest ren faire, the faire is riddled with queers and pagans and they have lots of those queer shows going on

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    • It’s perversion, pure and simple. I know the signs. And all these people whining about how they just want to be themselves so they can live “normal lives”! Does this look normal? They look like a bunch of whores on the prowl, and that’s all it’s about–predation. God help us overcome.

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  2. Whatever happened to “21 and over only”? Pornography and obscenity laws need to be used to keep our kids away from these shows. Parents who take their kids to these shows need to have their heads examined because, ultimately, they are the ones who are not protecting their kids from negative influences. But society has a duty to protect our kids, and American society has failed.

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