See President Trump’s Message Censored by Big Media Moments After It’s Release on Jan.6, 2021

Just five minutes after President Donald J. Trump released a video message to Americans still remaining after his January 6, 2021 rally in Washington DC, social media giants, including Twitter, pulled it off their sites.

They censored our president. See his message here:

When Trump realized Deep State operatives were behind the January 6 “insurrection” he immediately responded publically.

Their so-called “insurrection” was coordinated between Deep State operatives controlled within the federal government–likely including Nancy Pelosi, VP Mike Pence, FBI, and military–and media giants (social media and news media)

Before Elon Musk’s recent takeover of Twitter, millions of Americans did not know this video existed. Big Media buried it within 5 minutes after it was posted.

Big Media, including mainstream legacy media, along with social media sites, attacked America’s freedom of speech and began censorship and banning citizens who revealed truth or offered opinions of support for President Trump.

Our CLEVERJOURNEYS site, as well as my personal accounts, were censored. Immediately, I somehow lost thousands of followers. I can’t even count how many times I was Facebook jailed after my account was restored.

It was so bad, articles about Elvis Presley, Baby Boomers, Jerry Lee Lewis and even a cornbread recipe were banned. You can see examples of what was ridiculously censored and banned here.

Over a year later, look what they sent me:

Elon Musk indicates he has plenty more information about the coordinated efforts of January 6 censorship and more between Twitter and federal government operatives coming up.

If the Federal Government and Big Media coordinate against our Freedoms of Speech, Assembly, and manipulate our elections, what other evils are they doing?


🔹Business closures?

🔹Forced experimental and dangerous ‘vaccination’ jabs?

🔹Illegal alien entry and enormous support?

🔹Criminal coordination with China and New World Order?

🔹Elimination of our oil, gas and energy production?

🔹No bail release of violent crime and felony criminals?

🔹Destruction and manipulation of our food supplies and farms?

🔹Kickbacks generated from taxpayer money going to Ukraine to FTX to politicians?

🔹$85 billion losses by forfeiting our military assets to our enemies?

🔹Protecting a culture of pedophilia in government, education, criminal enterprises, entertainment and news?


In God We Trust

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  1. Maybe the Loy Bronson law suit ( scheduled to be worked on by Supreme Court Jan 6th 2023) will correct the the trend on destruction of our constitution through the intentional work to ignor the oaths people take in order to serve the citizens

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  2. I’ve been put in fb “jail” twice recently for posting flowers that apparently violate their terms on sexual activity and nudity. I’m in jail right now for posting a nude flower…or something! 20 more days to go!

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  3. I was watching when President Trump sent that message. And then it disappeared. I also remember when they knocked off your cornbread recipe! About that time, they started sending warnings to me about your dangerous site, which I dismissed. And now, ouila! They apologize? They must be terrified. That court case scheduled for January 6 is extremely important. Watch and pray. It will look worse for a little, but we are in the turnaround. Merry Christmas, don’t give up the ship now!

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