Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson Says GOP Will Impeach Biden’s Homeland Security Failure

Representative Ronny Jackson (R-TX), who says he is firmly opposed “to the radical left’s embrace of illegal immigration,” said this weekend that House Republicans would impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

When asked FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” program about impeaching Mayorkas, Jackson replied, “Absolutely, we are going to start the process. He has to go. There’s been no accountability in the administration for anything that they have done, whether it’s been the economy, or COVID, or the disaster overseas in Afghanistan or our border.”

Alejandro Mayorkas


“Mayorkas has got to go, so we’re going to start investigating him,” Jackson noted. “We are going to investigate every decision he’s made. We’re going to use the power of subpoena, we’re going to use the power of the purse and come after Mayorkas, he needs to go.”

“We need to make an example of Mayorkas, and he’ll be just the start of what we do in this new Congress, but he’s absolutely got to go,” he continued. “He’s been a complete absolute disaster, and he has been the lead on making this happen, the border being the disaster that it is.”

“Let’s make no mistake about it, this could not be happening without Biden. Biden and Mayorkas, they are the traffickers in chief right now.”

Jackson, raised in Levelland, Texas worked as a roustabout in the West Texas oilfields to pay his way through undergraduate school at Texas A&M University. Following graduation from medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch, he began active-duty service in the United States Navy. 

“I have great respect for those who immigrate to America the legal and proper way,” Jackson has publically stated. “But we are a nation of laws and it is unsafe and unfair to legal immigrants, and indeed all Americans, to live under open border policies.”

Dr. Jackson would ultimately lead the White House Medical Unit as Physician to the President during the Obama and Trump Administrations. In January 2019, President Donald J. Trump appointed him as Chief Medical Advisor and Assistant to the President.

Jackson added, “The coyotes, they move them up through Mexico or from 130 different countries now. They get them to our southern border, and then we take over the logistics. We give them plane tickets, train tickets, bus tickets, cell phones, welfare, schools, health care. We’re creating unbelievable incentives for these people to come here, and they are doing it purposefully. So he has got to go. He is damaging and destroying this country in a variety of ways.”

“We must secure our border and better enforce our existing immigration laws. I will continuously combat any radical policies put forth by the Biden Administration, and be a steadfast advocate for commonsense immigration reforms and enforcement of these laws.”

This month Dr. Jackson introduced the Ensuring America’s Critical Infrastructure Act, which would codify 16 infrastructure sectors as “critical infrastructure.”

These sectors include Chemical, Commercial Facilities, Communications, Critical Manufacturing, Dams, Defense Industrial Base, Emergency Services, Energy, Financial Services, Food and Agriculture, Government Facilities, Healthcare and Public Health, Information Technology, Nuclear Reactors, Materials, and Waste, Transportation systems, and Water and Wastewater systems.

During natural disasters, international conflicts, or public health emergencies our success depends on the strength of these sectors as they are the foundation of American society. 

Jackson noted that “Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan emboldened our adversaries around the world.”


“This is evident given Russia’s attack on Ukraine, China’s large-scale war games in the South China Sea, the increasing existential threat Iran poses to our partners and allies in the Middle East, and North Korea’s erratic missile launches.”

“Biden’s weak posture on the world stage and negligence here at home has put every American at risk. It is more important than ever that America coordinate its efforts to strengthen the security and resiliency of these 16 critical infrastructure sectors that guarantee America’s safety, prosperity, and well-being. In an era of unprecedented threats and uncertainty, we need a comprehensive approach to ensure our country can overcome physical and cyber threats from our enemies.”



  1. They ALL have to go – Biden, Garland, Mayorkas, Wray, all of them. They should all be impeached. If Republicans do not start holding Democrats accountable, they will continue to lose. It’s hard to take the GOP seriously when all they do is complain and never do anything else.

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