Kari Lake Believes She Will Be Arizona’s Governor Despite Fake News and Dishonest Politics Against Her

Kari Lake and her team expect anywhere from 60% to 80%+ of the ballots dropped off on 2022 Election Day to favor Republicans.

“If it’s in the upper part of that, then everyone’s going to win on the Republican ticket,” she said.

Lake made the rounds on radio and television news talk programs Friday continuing to express confidence that she will overtake the George Soros funded Democrat, Katie Hobbs (who is in charge of Arizona elections), in the race to be Arizona’s next governor once all the votes from Tuesday’s election are tallied.

“We’re going to win this,” Lake stated Friday evening. “100% we’re going to win this and I think the whole ticket’s going to win.”

Maricopa County, the state’s largest county, has approximately 300,000 ballots left to count as of Friday night.

This included a record 290,000 early ballots that were submitted on Election Day. Those ballots have to be processed and signature-verified before they can be tabulated, which is expected to take several more days.

Hobbs was leading Lake 50.7%-49.3% as of Friday morning, a margin of only 26,979 votes.

Lake and her campaign team continue to explain that voters who distrust the Arizona election system are more likely to have waited until the last day to turn in their ballots, and they are more likely to support the Republican ticket.

“Those are folks who don’t like the way that the elections have been run, they don’t trust the way the elections are run,” she said. “Those are people who are voting for me, and they’re going to go heavily in my favor.”

Breakdowns were in conservative precincts


“I think Blake [Masters] may even win, and Mark Finchem may even win, and Abe [Hamadeh] will win,” she noted.

Lake, Masters (U.S. Senate), Finchem (secretary of state) and Hamadeh (attorney general) were all trailing their Democratic opponents based on results reported as of Friday morning, but hundreds of thousands of ballots hadn’t yet been tallied.


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  1. I sure hope she wins. She promised to declare war against an invasion at the border. She has more smarts than biden, that’s for sure.
    We need to take the House and the Senate and get our country back to sanity and order. Since the snowflakes rule, everything in our country is in total chaos. We need strong governors who won’t hold back in dismissing their lawless DAs’. We need to get our constitution back and put criminals in prison.

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