Quick Election Day 2022 Updates From Out in the Field Across America

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In 2020








Being contested by REPUBLICANS



In God We Trust

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  1. No matter we win or we loose. The democratic party needs to be suspended and these folks need to be charged with treason. By God why should any of us sit and wait for them to destroy us with treasonous intent. I say kick they ass now or forever suffer at the hands of our enemies who are set on destroying America. By dam at some point someone better ball up in this country and realize it takes more than a vote sometimes to find freedom.

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  2. The “real big lie” that is not discussed. Without this lie the elections could not be stolen. We need to change discussion. Force a narrative shift!!! Wake up all

    THE LIE THAT ALLOWS THE STEEL: Democrat’s tend to vote early and Republicans vote on day of election.

    This lie allows for outlandish early vote lead for the democratic candidate. It is all mathamatical and as long as we believe the big lie it is not questioned.

    The votes loaded In early: poll watchers? Id’s checked? Poll books checked? Ect….. easy job compared to one day voting

    Recall that cheating has been found In Colorado and New york with preloaded votes.

    Because of the acceptance of the lie they load in whatever they need to load in based on desired outcome. Democrat’s don’t question cuz they believe lie. And dumb Republicans also look away from the obvious. The vote counters calculate algorithm etc… when they get caught is when the voting is so far off. 2016 they were not prepared. 2020 they thought they were prepared but the people overwhelmed the system. So counting had to stop and votes had to be dumped into the system. 2022 they did better job. But still missed as they had to dump in 120,000 votes to keep Georgia senate race from taking 50% of vote. I’m sure other obvious dumps will be found

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