Maricopa County Citizens Organize to Protect Fair Election 2022

Maricopa County, Arizona appears to be the epicenter of patriotic citizens taking upon themselves to keep a watchful eye to uphold a fair and lawful election in their state.

“We learned not to depend on local, state or nation government for this in 2020,” Glen S., said this election day morning. “The Mules are out. We’ve seen them. We document. They don’t like it. Some drive away, but we let others know at nearby ballot drop off locations what kind of car they are driving. We know it’s been working.”

I met Glen and two others for breakfast just north west of Scottsdale after they completed their 5 pm to 4 am shift.

Lessons From 2020

“Yeah, we are tired, but we know we are doing the right thing,” he said. “We can’t trust the elections because they are run by, and protected up and down the line, by state and county officials.”

“Basically we know we have idiots like Katie Hobbs at the top state level doing everything she can to make certain she is governor,” Glen explained. “Talk about a conflict of interest. She is in charge of the election.”

“Her office is working with the DOJ and their liberal lawyers to do what they can to prevent us from collecting evidence,” he continued. “We do this by the book. We stay back the required distance. We don’t engage or speak to the mules.”

“We learned much from the 2000 Mules movie,” Chad, a resident of Paradise Valley, who works with Glen, offered. “Like the news media does with anything truthful, they spin it and says the mule thing is all bunk, but it the news they put out that’s false.”

“Sheriff (Paul) Penzone has put up some fences and tarps around some drop off boxes and we’ve seen deputies on and off patrolling,” Glen noted. “But that’s not stopping us. We are doing it by the book. The Mules and whoever is paying them are illegal. We are not the bad guys.”

Glen showed me a copy of a statement from the Department of Justice that was prompted by complaints from Hobb’s office:

“Although lawful poll-watching activities can support democratic transparency and accountability, when private citizens form ‘ballot security forces’ and attempt to take over the State’s legitimate role of overseeing and policing elections, the risk of voter intimidation — and violating federal law — is significant.”

“We have two things to say about Katie Hobbs, who will not intimidate us,” Glen offered. “One, I guess she has to answer to her boss, George Soros. Two the citizens of Arizona are own to her scam. She can go to hell.”


In God We Trust

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